Three Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies

If you have not already seen the recipe for these cookies floating around on Pinterest somewhere you are really missing out! I make these cookies every fall and they do not fail to impress. I want to share it here for you guys- they are delicious, easy, and take less than thirty minutes start to finish! 


1 (18 oz) box spice cake mix (I go with Betty Crocker)

1 can of pumpkin (15 oz) not pumpkin pie filling!

1 bag of chocolate chips (dark chocolate, semi-sweet, milk... whatever you're feelin!)


Mix pumpkin with spice cake mix until fully incorporated. Stir in chocolate chips to your hearts content. Drop cookies on greased baking sheet & bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes! 

* Everyone's ovens and environmental conditions are different so keep an eye on your cookies and perform the toothpick test to determine when they are done. These cookies are meant to be very dense and moist, don't confuse that with not being done!