Nursery Reveal with Lorena Canals

Hey guys! A bit late on this one since we have actually had our nursery set up for about a month now since before the boys were born, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the finished product and hearing a little more about our decorations! 

I was worried about the nursery from day one, because our house is only a few months old and I knew that I couldn't bring myself to paint or wallpaper the walls yet, since they are still in such pristine condition ha! But on the other hand, I wanted the room to be cozy and cute. 

Another struggle that I had was configuring the layout of a nursery with TWO cribs, let me tell you, that was not easy! None of our spare bedrooms had a wall long enough to put the cribs lengthwise side by side, so we eventually picked the room where they would corner up together and placed our statement rug at a diagonal to kind of marry the two together.

The first item that I wanted to style the nursery around was this rug by Lorena Canals. I had been admiring their products for a long time and was ecstatic when they gifted me my favorite one! My entire house is basically agreeable grey, with some blacks, whites, gold accessories, and shades of blue. I wanted the nursery to compliment the rest of the house, so I built from the floor up starting with a black and beige patterned rug. The rug in my opinion is kind of boho looking and very trendy, but the pattern is strong and boyish at the same time I think too :)

The reason this rug is worthy of basically an entire blog post is because it is the best quality ever! You can tell it's going to be super durable and withstand years of rowdy boys playing on it. Just as awesome, is that it is MACHINE WASHABLE! After the experience I've already had with diapers, spit up, etc. I know that this is going to be the overall best feature when it comes to cleaning stains and keeping the boys room sanitary and healthy overall. 

The good thing about the nursery room is also that it has a little walk in closet, which is a lifesaver when it comes to maximizing the little space I had left! I put a dresser inside of the closet with cubes for different baby supplies, swaddles, etc, and a flat top for more space for important items, and then hung up basically all of their clothes on hangers by size, stacked the diapers in order of their size, and tried to keep the floor space as empty as I could. I know, I'm a little OCD, but it makes me feel so amazingly good to have everything organized and in it's place!

One last hiccup was finding a chair to place in the nursery that would be wide enough to allow me to nurse both babies at the same time on! We eventually settled on one from Costco, which we have a matching one in our downstairs family room. It takes up a bit of space, but by some miracle it works! I picked up a navy blue crochet pattern ottoman pouf from Target for only $30 bucks in the outdoor section, which is a dream because it's so durable!

Next to the chair is another small dresser type organizer from Target. There's a humidifier, nightlight, and a stocked diaper caddy on top with all the essentials and the cubes are more storage for books and toys!

The cribs are from Amazon, and are totally awesome, because they are 4 in 1 convertible, so they will last years! Of course, I think they look pretty sleek too ;) I was super grateful to get these off of my baby registry! The little blankets hanging on the sides of the cribs are from my friend Kayla, she got them custom-made with a drawing of the two boys with our doggo, Scout, and their names on them. They are absolutely adorable and so soft! Such a cute keepsake baby blanket.

Decorating wasn't too difficult, because I kept things pretty simple! I found a really cute wall hanging macrame from Ross, hung a big mirror and a black and white letter board, and framed two watercolors that were gifted to me. Above each crib is a hanging from Hobby Lobby, and I stuck a big vase with sticks in it between the cribs that I found at Ikea! And voila, that's it!