Lipsense Review

So, I jumped on the Lipsense by Senegence train a few months ago when it was pretty new. The stuff claimed to be so amazing I had to try it and of course I spent the extra money to become a distributor and save on any future purchases :) I had my doubts about the product, but overall I was very impressed - I proved myself right and went back for more shortly! I wanted to give you guys a good review before you possibly purchase for yourself or others as Christmas gifts! I have these 5 things (good and iffy) to say about Lipsense now that I've been "using" for a few months:

  1. It really does NOT smear off. I can immediately touch my lips after applying the stuff and my finger pulls back dry and color-free. Ben now refuses to kiss me before making sure that I'm wearing Lipsense and nothing else lol. 
  2. It won't dry out your lips, but it's also not the best for dry lips... if that makes sense. When I wear Lipsense and apply the gloss frequently I notice my lips start to plump up and get more moisturized, so the more the merrier! BUT if I already have chapped lips from dehydration or whatever, the Lipsense will peel off as I bite or pick at my lips and get splotchy. Just be mindful.
  3. In the same breath, the stuff is like permanent. It won't come off without the special remover! I made the mistake of not buying the Oops! Remover to save ten bucks and now I have to wait a good 24 hours sometimes before I can scrub it off with a washcloth. This is sometimes awkward when I wear fire engine red lips for date night and want to go to the gym the next morning :)
  4. There are a million (or something) possible color combinations. It's like Sonic for your lips and playing and layering is so fun! At $55 for the full set it may seem expensive, but you get a lot in one single tube and don't have to reapply as often as other lip products so it all evens out in the end I think. 
  5. You can make a ton of money selling, but you have to work hard for it. I know ladies that treat this as their job and love it, but I prefer to keep it casual and hoard the product discount mainly for myself. Also, Senegence has a ton of product outside of just Lipsense and they are all great, just less well-known for now!