Heartbeat Check... TWO BABIES!!

Hello everyone! I am super duper excited to be writing this post! If you are reading, you probably already know that we received great news yesterday at our ultrasound… the doctor found not one, but two healthy, beating hearts!

My last post included the results from our beta hcg tests and then we had to wait another couple of weeks before the actual ultrasound, so I just wanted to quickly fill you in on the details of our continued IVF journey and kind of what went on in the time from then until now!

Our second beta test was almost three weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving where the doctor told me that my numbers were doubling just as they should and my hcg level was still in the potential twin zone. I did a bunch of Googling, and sure enough my levels were consistent with the averages for twins at that time, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up one way or another and I had also read a ton of stuff about how hcg varies from person to person and it is impossible to know without an ultrasound! So I tried as best I could to patiently wait for the ultrasound.

Most of you also know that last year we went through a miscarriage at around ten weeks in July after finding out at seven weeks that there was no heartbeat. We were devastated. I think that that experience combined with the many failed attempts at getting pregnant before and after that contributed to some level of PTSD. It was hard for me to stay positive everyday and not fall back on my old ways of preparing for the worst in order to protect my emotional well-being. Some days I did succeed at being positive, others it was all I could do to not to talk about the future of the pregnancy much or freak myself out at normal symptoms constantly assuming the worst.

After my second hcg test I continued to experience a variety of pregnancy symptoms including light cramping and tightness, extreme fatigue, some lightheadedness if I stood up too fast or anything like that, frequent bathroom trips, a couple of headaches, bloating, tender and growing breasts, low back pain, acne, crazy dreams, high emotions, and finally… nausea.

I was actually really happy the first day that I felt some nausea, because that was the first marker that was very different from my first failed pregnancy. I had read that morning sickness was a good sign, so I welcomed it as best as I could! Of course, it wasn’t enjoyable feeling queasy day in and day out, but it was kind of bittersweet and I tried to be thankful for the opportunity to make it to the point where I could experience nausea at all!

For me, I think the anxiety of waiting for the heartbeat check may have been even greater than waiting for the first pregnancy test! I knew I wouldn’t be able to feel good and relax until we were past that heartbeat hurdle. I tried to pass the time more quickly by sleeping alot and watching a lot of good shows on Netflix. Lol.

When the day FINALLY came for us to have our ultrasound I was totally on pins and needles! To make it even worse, the clinic pushed my appointment from 8:30 am to 10:15 am and then back to about 9:45! I could barely speak on the way to the clinic, memories of our traumatic last heartbeat check just continued to flash through my mind and thoughts of how many appointments and procedures we had been through in the past year to get to this point. I carried a prayer in my heart constantly that we would see at least one heartbeat, because if not I have no idea how I would’ve reacted. I was definitely torn between faith and fear. Ben was great the whole time, just holding my hand and trying to keep it all lighthearted for me. We sat in the procedure room for a good 15 minutes that felt like another 24 hours before doc finally came in! I have been forced to learn patience time and time again throughout this whole journey that is for sure!

Doc and the nurse came in and quickly started the ultrasound. Pretty immediately, we were able to see two dark oval looking things on the screen and the doc said something along the lines of “Well, you are an expert by now do you know what you’re looking at?” It was too good to be true and I still hadn’t heard any heartbeat so I was like..”No, I have no idea , what is it?!” ( kind of frustratingly) hahaha so dramatic. Doctor said “Let’s cut to the chase, there are two babies in there and they both have heartbeats.” !!!!! !!!!! I was in a bit of a shock and demanded to know how he could tell they had heartbeats lol, so he told me that he could see them and then he zoomed in or whatever and sure enough, the heart beating was visible to the naked eye! He also turned the sound on so we could hear the swishing beats and it was quite possibly the most beautiful sound I have heard in my entire life. I could not even help it at all, tears were just streaming down my face. Ben’s too ;)

They measured the babies’ heart rates and both were at a strong 130 (anything over 120 is good at seven weeks) and they measured 9.8 and 10.3 mm long. It was a little bit harder to see Baby B, because the sac was kind of above and behind Baby A, but we still got a pretty good view considering! Dr. Fisch said that I was “pretty well knocked up” and looking great. A Christmas miracle! He also told me that as long as everything stayed on track for our next ultrasound on December 27th that I would be released from that clinic and transferred back to an OB/GYN and that most likely my restrictions would be lifted around that time and I would start to feel alot better.

When Ben and I were left in the ultrasound procedure room after it all went down he just reached down and gave me a big, long hug and we both cried for quite awhile. We have been through so, so much to get to this point it was just such an amazing feeling to finally hear those heartbeats and the excitement of twins made my heart want to explode. Ben has been so amazing to me this whole time, I was also really happy to see him so happy and it was just all so awesome and relieving!


We had the best time telling friends and family throughout the day before we announced it to everyone else who has been following our journey and supporting us all along the way. The day left me emotionally drained and a bit in shock I actually fell dead asleep for over two hours that afternoon hahah. We received so much love on social media I could not believe it! So many people are happy for us and have been rooting for us for so long we are so, so blessed! Yesterday was probably the best day of our Camp family life so far and we cannot wait to continue to watch these little babes grow in my belly and eventually come into the world next summer! Thank you to you all for all of the prayers, we love you and thank you for sharing in our happiness :)