Hi followers! You all know by now that we are currently pregnant as a result of undergoing IVF this past month and that we are THRILLED by the news. I just wanted to write a little bit more in detail about the process and my feelings from embryo transfer through to our second beta test for anyone particularly interested :)

My last post detailed the transfer of two good embryos and the symptoms I felt for the four days immediately afterwards. I’ll continue from there with a day by day summary, because I know the obsessions of the IVF and infertility community revolve around symptoms and timelines! I am not saying any of these were or weren’t signs of pregnancy, just documenting for anyone else experiencing something similar.

5dp6dt: small pain when sneezing, standing up too fast (Doc later explained that this could be due to my still-enlarged ovaries, or that if it was twins it was possible that it could be round ligament pain, because everything progresses a little faster in twin pregnancies.)

6dp6dt: POSITIVE PREGNANCY via HCG blood test at the clinic @ 8:30 am

I was sooo tempted to test earlier at home, but I am beyond thankful that I didn’t. Had I tested too early and seen a negative I would have worried myself sick not knowing if I really wasn’t pregnant yet, or just if the hcg levels were too low to detect. I highly recommend trusting the timeline of your clinic/doctor and not jumping the gun! I was  so, so anxious going into my appointment that day that I could barely function. The appointment was at 8:30 in the morning and they told me that they would call with the results by noon… Thank heaven they called around 10:30, because time was literally at a standstill waiting to hear whether the embryo/embryos stuck or not! It worked out really well actually, because when I got the call I was home alone and could enjoy being the first person to know, just like it should be in a “normal pregnancy”.

I wrote in my journal pretty quickly after the phone call so that I wouldn’t forget what Dr. Fisch said or my feelings about it:

“Dr. Fisch just called… I’M PREGNANT!! <3 I am absolutely thrilled! Words cannot explain the mixture of relief, gratitude, excitement, nervousness & joy that I feel right now… Dr. Fisch said my HCG is at a strong 109.9, which is “possible twin range”. I’m so happy. Best thanksgiving ever. Apparently, if the numbers are in the 800 range by my next beta test on Monday (Cyber Monday) that is a really good sign. If they are 1200+, that could still mean twins :) Either way, I feel like I am in a great spot for supporting at least one baby…”

Ben was working at the fire station this day so I literally had to wait HOURS before I could get him to facetime me on the phone to tell him the good news. Although, I’m pretty sure he knew that it would be good news when I texted him to facetime me instead of just call me, oops! Regardless, he was still super happy on the phone and it was an amazing day for the two of us just probably walking around glowing all day lol! My mom was in St. George all day and I had to go to work at Tiffany & Co at 5pm before she made it home, so I had to facetime her with the news as well. I had my little brother secretly facetime me in the car with her so it was still somewhat of a surprise and that was fun :) She was thrilled as well and very tearfully happy for us.


8dp6dt: Small amount of spotting, maybe one or two drops, nothing that worried me. Leftover from implantation possibly or just a symptom of the suppositories themselves?

9dp6dt: starting to get emotional along with continued fatigue, more cramping, still breast tenderness

10dp6dt: tightness in lower abdomen in the AM, afternoon headache, sharp pain again when standing up too quickly

12dp6dt: By this day I had started freaking myself out that my numbers weren’t going to be where they should be and unintentionally started preparing myself for the worst again. When I got to the office for my second beta test, first thing they did was give me a new medication protocol calendar with scheduled ultrasounds on it and told me congratulations. I was actually kind of mad at their optimism! I guess I have a bit of PTSD from past experiences and didn’t want me (or anyone else) to jump the gun too much. They took my blood and I was sent home to wait again.


Doc called a couple hours later with GREAT news, HCG was at a 1372!! I was sooooo relieved, and just as happy as I was after the first beta results. Up until now, everything has been going perfectly! Dr. Fisch counseled me to avoid exercise and still no intercourse to avoid any bleeding or irritation and reminded me that I was still in the possible twin range, but we wouldn’t know for sure until the ultrasound, because HCG was tricky and different from woman to woman. For now, I am still continuing progesterone suppositories 2x per day and one progesterone in oil injection per week, along with prescription strength prenatals. My ultrasound is scheduled for December 13th and even though that seems like FOREVER from now, I am happy that they scheduled for a safe time when there should be a detectable heartbeat, because that will really be a time for celebration for me! We were never able to hear a heartbeat with my one previous pregnancy, so that milestone will be an extra big one for us and I’m sure that if it all goes well, I’ll be able to relax a lot more from that point on!


13dp6dt: small upset stomach in the AM, starting to be more sensitive to smell, but the good news is that I think my ovaries are finally back down close to normal, because my bloating and general uncomfortableness has subsided. I feel a little skinnier today, so I’ll try to enjoy that, I’m sure it won’t last long!

That’s where we are for now! Cautiously optimistic! Thank you again for all of the love and support we have continually received. It makes a huge difference in every step of the game knowing how many people are praying and rooting for our little family <3 xo