DockATot Review

Hey mamas! I wanted to write a quick blog post giving my honest review of the DockATot’s that were gifted to me from the brand while I was pregnant with the boys.

I knew that I wanted some of these trendy little baby loungers early on, but I wasn’t sure if they would be worth the price or not.. (I’m super frugal usually) Well, let me tell you, worth every penny in my opinion! I tell everyone that asks me to splurge on them. Especially with twins, they have been a lifesaver for sure. Not only are they super cute and chic, handmade in Europe, and a “must-have” item for mamas everywhere, but they really are super practical and convenient! Anything to make my life easier juggling two babies at once!

The docks are super lightweight and portable so I am able to carry them all around the house with me and up and down stairs easily so the boys can lay down comfy and safe wherever I need to be, the convenience is unmatched. Rather than having cribs or pack n plays in multiple rooms, I can just lay the docks out on my bed or on the floor in any space for the twins to lounge in, or just to rest in while they look around all content-like. I’m already looking forward to how easy it’ll be for us to pack the DockATots up for our upcoming vacations and I’m happy the boys will be able to sleep in a familiar environment no matter where they are!

The micro climate of the docks is great for my tiny 37-weekers for now, but the Deluxe+ size that I have is also big enough for them to grow into up to 8 months. I think the padding on the sides makes them feel safe and sound, while the tested breathability of the cushioning makes me feel peace of mind! I don’t worry about taking my eyes off of the twins for a little while when I know they are safe in their docks vs laying on the couch or something I always have to be right next to them with a watchful eye.

The docks are also made for safe co-sleeping, to have in bed with you at night if desired. Although we don’t co-sleep with them because I like to have empty space in the bed for my nursing pillow and Ben sprawls out big time, I would feel safe with the docks and the perk of getting to be inches from my babes at all times in the night would be very nice!

To summarize, I can’t think of a better sleeping solution than these DockATots and I would place them in my top three must have items for babies hands down!


*I received product complements of DockATot*