Lessons from a First-Time Cake-Builder

Recently I've had the revelation that I want to be a cake boss... lol. This vision led me to purchase a subscription to CreativeBug.com for some online tutorials and then straight to Michael's for a hodge podge of tools. 


I wanted to make a really basic cake for my first time, so that I wouldn't become overwhelmed and want to give up. So, I started with a chocolate cake recipe meant specifically for layered cakes and a basic white buttercream with the simplest piping. 

After some trial and error, I formulated a few tips for myself for the next go-around:

  • Take the time to thoroughly grease your cake pans.
  • Make more frosting than you think you need, there's no such thing as too much!
  • End with the smooth bottom of a cake layer upside-down as your top to avoid crumbs and hills and make a cleaner presentation. 
  • Pull out everything you need before you start and then clean up as you go.
  • Patience is key, don't try to rush the cooling process.
  • Paying a little extra for cool tools is worth every penny. Here are some I've purchased either before or after this trial cake: 

If you are a cake boss already, PLEASE send tips! I'm determined to succeed at this :) I am also accepting ideas for my next projects to help me learn a wider variety of skills! Love you all!