Bumpdate: Third Trimester Twin Pregnancy

Happy 32 weeks to me! I am sooooo happy that I have made it this far in my “high risk” pregnancy, what a blessing! I had a whopping 2k+ of you instafollowers request a bumpdate from me, so here goes :)


BABIES: My doc says that I am growing these babies beautifully, and I can’t think of a better compliment at this point! The boys are “giants”, weighing in at 4 lb 2 oz and 4 lb 5 oz, both are about half a pound bigger than expected at this point. I’m super happy that they are getting chubs in there, I just secretly hope that their newborn size clothes still fit them for at least a week or two lol! My goal is 5.5 lbs for each of them, I think I am right on track.

They are extremely active, especially in the afternoon and night time before bed! (Oh, and after I drink my daily Diet Coke… guilty pleasure, I know.) They squirm out from under the belly bands every time I go in for fetal monitoring and really give the nurses and techs a run for their money, but I still LOVE to feel them kick and punch, no matter how uncomfortable it is, because it means they are active and healthy in there!

I get an ultrasound and monitoring twice a week now, which is a huge perk of having a twin pregnancy and going to a high risk clinic. We have seen both babies practicing their breathing at the last few appointments, which is pretty awesome and also relieving. I didn't even know that was a thing. I’ll most likely be receiving a steroid shot in the next week or two to further prepare the boys’ lungs, just in case they decide to come early.

Yesterday at my appointment the staff walked me through the details of my scheduled C-Section, which is going to be on 7/11 at 11am at Spring Valley hospital, the date I reach 37 weeks exactly. Ben asked Dr. Wilkes if he was confident I could make it until then and he straight up said “No.” hahaha! We were both pretty shocked to hear that the babies will most likely make their appearance sometime in the next three weeks, at least in my doctor’s opinion. Doc thinks that because of my smaller frame and the babies sizes my body will go into labor on it’s own sooner than later and that his goal for me is 35 weeks (but he made sure to add that he is constantly surprised in his profession, so we never know for sure!). At 35 weeks the babies will hopefully not need any NICU time and we will stay together in the hospital for 3 ½ days and 3 nights total.

RISK FACTORS: I’ve mentioned that my pregnancy is high risk a couple of times now and for those of you who may not know the reason for that it is a) because I had infertility problems and became pregnant via IVF and b) just because it is a twin pregnancy. Neither of those are critical risk factors, but I am beyond grateful to qualify for a high risk doctor and clinic, because we had somewhat of a scare at 26 weeks when I went in for what would have been my last vaginal ultrasound. I was receiving both vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds every two weeks until this point, which is a perk that normal, singleton, pregnant women just won’t ever get.

At 26 weeks the ultrasound tech noticed that my cervix had started funnelling prematurely. With minimal applied pressure, the top of my cervix would open up wide and shorten in length significantly. The length of a closed cervix should be around 3.5- 4 cm and mine measured 2.4 cm. (Imagine that it was unzipping from the top down.) Dr. Wilkes explained that this kind of cervical incompetence was dangerous because it was asymptomatic, meaning that it was happening without me feeling or noticing that anything was wrong at all. It was also close to impossible to reverse the damage. He told me that had this happened just a few weeks earlier he would have sent me to the hospital to get stitches in to prevent further opening, but that at 26 weeks that would do more damage than good. Instead, he prescribed me progesterone suppositories (bleh) as well as oral supplements. He told me that there would be absolutely no more gym time or nighttime walks, and to limit any activity to only what was necessary. After this scare, I basically put myself on modified bed rest and MIRACULOUSLY my cervix has stayed sealed shut at 2.4 cm since then! So lucky. My daily routine now includes some work from home on my computer, reading What To Expect The First Year, watching Netflix, keeping the house clean, and some going out to eat with friends and visiting the parentals. It’s a rough life, ha!


WEIGHT GAIN: As of today, I have gained 48.3 lbs and feel like a total whale. My goal was initially to keep it under 50 lbs total, which may still be doable considering the steady gain is starting to taper off a bit, but healthy weight gain for a twin pregnancy ranges from 37-54 lbs, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I gained a few more, especially if the fat went to the babies and not to my butt! I have only been able to fit into one pair of shoes for months now, my feet are so swollen. I don’t have any stretch marks on my belly, but I have had them on my butt, hips, and inner thighs since the second trimester despite lathering up with the stretch mark cream and belly butter daily. I honestly haven’t done any kind of pregnancy diet or anything like that my entire pregnancy and I stopped exercising at 26 weeks or else I probably could have managed my weight a little better. All of the extra weight though has really stretched my uterus to it’s max and I feel SO much pelvic pain and pressure. I waddle bigtime, and sometimes I wonder if one day I just won’t even be able to get out of bed! The middle of the night is the worst, when my muscles have relaxed a bit and the weight is pressing down on loose ligaments. Rolling over in bed, standing up, and making it to the bathroom feels like my pelvis may rip into two and that’s terrible when I have to go to the bathroom like every hour and a half every night! Walking up stairs is also a daily struggle and by the time I make it to the top I am usually out of breath and my belly is super tight. I cannot wait until I feel like myself again! My body feels like it has been abducted by aliens.

CRAVINGS: I definitely haven’t had any super weird pregnancy cravings like hot dogs or pickle juice, but lately I can’t get enough pebble ice, that’s for sure! I also oddly eat a lot of plain, raw almonds and dream about fresh peaches. I went through a snow cone phase, but ever since my awful glucose test and drinking that sugary drink I haven’t been able to bring myself to try a snow cone since! The glucose testing made me SO sick, I have no idea how I passed or survived at all. I felt like I was clinging to the sides of my chair just trying not to throw up for three whole hours. As of this week, I’ve been enjoying chocolate milk and always down for a cinnamon roll. Chocolate is great, but it gives me terrible heartburn, so I don’t eat very much! I actually wake up every night with such bad heartburn that I sleep with Tums on my nightstand. This is gross, but I started choking on stomach acid in my throat in the middle of the night once and kind of threw up in my mouth and couldn’t breathe and just basically had a weird panic attack about it, not fun at all and scared Ben to death. Mostly, I’ve just been eating what sounds good and trying to squeeze veggies, fruits, and protein in daily along with my prescription strength prenatal and plenty of fluids. Now that I’m so close to that 50 lb mark I’ve started to very slowly back off my carb intake, while still eating around 2300 calories (sometimes even more) a day. I figure now is not the time in my life to ever go hungry! I am, however, super excited to get into a better routine postpartum and have a steady weight loss plan already all written out, so we will see how realistic that is when the babies are here! What I am REALLY craving is a nice, long, beach vacation, ha!

BABY GEAR: My last post detailed a few must-have items on my registry, so you know basically what that entailed. We have been working hard to get everything ready for the babies arrival and were thrilled with all the goodies we collected from each shower! My hospital bag is packed and ready to go, the babies Joovy pack-n-play thing with the Twin Nursery Center up top is set up and ready to go as well in our bedroom, diaper caddies stocked up, first aid cabinet… bathtime gear… stroller is built...and the closet is full of a bunch of cute baby clothes in order of their sizes! We still need to build our second crib and decorate the nursery as well as install the car seats, but that is about it! I’m confident that we are ready for the babies any day now, the rest of the preparation is just little stuff to make life easier after they arrive. My #1 worry nowadays is whether or not my hair will be clean and blown out should my body decide to kick into labor, because I don’t want the babies to meet me for the first time rocking my frizzy, natural curl ;p.

SYMPTOMS: Besides pelvic pain and pressure, swollen feet, and heartburn, I have now developed even more acne (I think from the extra progesterone), sensitive teeth and gums, sporadic nausea again, aching wrists and joints, and nightly leg cramps. On the up side, my hair is thicker than ever, I am surprisingly not as fatigued as I was in the beginning of the pregnancy, and I think my immune system is pretty strong, because I haven’t had many allergies, headaches, or anything like that lately. According to my bloomlife monitor, I have quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions in the evening, and I think they are starting to get stronger, because sometimes they leave me pretty breathless, not too painful. I like to tell myself that I am not too crazy of a pregnant lady, but I am needy when Ben is home and want his undivided attention lol, and obsessed with being as organized and prepared as possible far in advance!

That’s about it, folks! I would love to hear how you may have survived the last few weeks and for all of you twin mamas, how far you made it before delivery! Also, I’m becoming obsessed with postpartum care and would appreciate any tips and tricks from you guys regarding recovery and kicking back into shape as quickly as possible! I am so, so excited to meet our little rainbow baby boys and start our life as a happy, healthy family as four! 

xo @heymace