My Postpartum Body Update & Girdle Review

I've gotten a ton of questions about what I've been doing postpartum for recovery and general weight loss. While most women might consider this a more personal subject, I'd love to put it all out there and answer any questions that you might have! When I was pregnant, I did a ton of Google "research" trying to figure out the best way to bounce back after birth without compromising my milk supply or anything like that and I feel like there just wasn't a ton of honest information out there to relate to! Especially for someone that gained 50+ pounds in their pregnancy like me ha!


That being said, I'll start by saying that I am 25 years old, 5'3", and gained 54 pounds by the 37th week of my fraternal twin pregnancy. I am now three weeks postpartum exactly, and have lost 36 of those pounds already. Being honest, I had a goal to lose at least 40 pounds by this date, so I am a few pounds behind, but I'll take it! I am feeling a million times better, lighter, and more energetic and I have had absolutely no problem exclusively breastfeeding my two boys from birth. Not to mention, they have broken records with my pediatrician for how quickly they regained and surpassed their birth weights! So that's all great. 

Here's what I've been doing:


Within two hours of my c-section the hospital nurses wrapped me up in a generic, velcro, belly binder. It felt amazing. I remember coming out of surgery feeling like my insides were all out of place and wacky and when I pressed on my belly I felt like I could push all the way through my uterus almost to my back and it was a total trip. The hospital binder saved me from having to even look at my stomach for almost 24 hours until my first shower and gave me the peace of mind that I needed when *throwing up* the whole first day that my guts weren't going to all fall out! I was slightly traumatized when the time did come for that first shower and my stomach looked like a deflated basketball, all wrinkly and gross. Safe to say the binder continued to stay on almost 24 hours a day after that experience. 


Once I got home I switched to the Belly Bandit BFF Belly Wrap. I liked it because it felt sturdier than the hospital's version and it had two separate velcro straps, so that I could adjust the hip or waist area a bit differently if need be. i was also able to put this one on myself easily. The thing about the BFF is that is caters to women with shorter torsos... and I thought that I did have a relatively short torso, but even still I feel like there were a few too many inches of skin (fat) hanging out of the top of the band when I was wearing it. It also dug in under my ribs awkwardly and bunched up after a couple of hours of use. I think this is a great company and I loved there Upsie Belly Band during pregnancy, I would just probably recommend purchasing the original Belly Bandit (which I haven't tried) over the BFF.


Appx two weeks postpartum my Bellefit Girdle in a size medium finally arrived in the mail and it was a blessing sent directly from heaven! The Bellefit is more of a corset style girdle with two rows of hooks up the front. It's made of a sturdy material with great compression and although it's a little tricky to put on in the first place because of how tight it is, once it is on you feel so secure and it's easy to unsnap the crotch area when you need to use the bathroom or whatever. I basically only take mine off to shower and I know other moms who swear by this that look absolutely amazing now. I know that the Bellefit has helped my posture tremendously as well as my abdominal recovery and another plus is that it supports the incision area after a C-section like mine, which according to my doctor, I am healing "amazingly"! The corset also acts as shape wear, which is super nice as I am trying to feel like myself again and actually wear clothes other than sweatpants and big t-shirts. My only complaint is that it gives you a pretty intense panty line hahaha, but they do sell a thong version, so problem solved right there. In the past week I've lost inches off of my hips and waist, and I've already moved down a row of hooks too. Small victories! 


As far as diet and exercise are concerned, I have been trying my best to walk at least 30 minutes a day. The doctor who released me from the hospital advised that walking is the absolute best thing that anyone can do to recover quickly and efficiently from a c-section, so I took his word for it!

I sometimes wear the Sweet Sweat waist trainer while walking, other times I just focus on tightening or flexing my abdominal area as much as possible and maintaining good posture. 

Click HERE for the Sweet Sweat, it's only $20! 

I have also been doing about 15 minutes a day of light exercises to heal diastasis recti. I do deep breathing, bracing, kegels, heel slides, back-supported leg lifts, and pelvic tilts. I have been avoiding any kind of movements that push my stomach out (like crunches). 

Once I am cleared for exercise after my six week appointment, I will begin training for a half marathon that I am already signed up for in December and I will also sign up for a gym membership to get a "real" workout in a few times a week! Hopefully my abs will be completely healed by then, but I plan on talking to my doctor about physical therapy options if needed, that twin pregnancy really stretched my body to the max! 

My diet has been as healthy as possible considering the amount of food and treats that friends and family have been bringing over since the birth of the boys. I am participating in @fitnesscarli's 8 week meal challenge, which started the week before my c-section and I am following an 1800 cal/day rule as best as I can! Like I said earlier, I am exclusively breastfeeding so have been careful not to do anything too drastic with my diet, but now that I feel confident in my milk supply, I'll spend the next three weeks following the plan a bit more strictly. I also have a mini beach vacation coming up in a week and a half, so that serves as an extra dose of motivation for sure ;) 

There's a quick update for ya'll, but it's really mostly for me to keep me accountable! I hope you find my girdle reviews helpful when trying to make a decision and can relate to the struggle of bouncing back after pregnancy! I plan to do another update in 3-4 weeks once my 8 week challenge is over. Until then, let me know if you have any questions! I'm pretty good at answering DM's on insta within a day ;)