16 Top Items for my Twin Baby Registry

Hey everyone! I'll have to do a pregnancy "bumpdate" super soon, but for now I thought I would compile a list of some of the items I am registering for/ buying for myself/ being gifted after doing sooooooo much research on must-have twin baby items! I hope this helps some of the other mamas I have connected with these past weeks.

Obviously I haven't tried or tested any of these items yet, because I don't actually have any babies yet! BUT as I said before, I have done TONS of research, read all of the reviews, and thought through what my daily routine is going to look like as in depth as a pregnant woman possibly can and here are some of the items that get me excited for my due date! I promise I'll do a follow up blog down the line with more honest reviews about each item, but in case you are pregnant and working on collecting everything you'll need in a few months like me I could not wait for that! 

Here goes: (In no particular order)

1.) Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller - I have had a lot of questions about why I chose this stroller since I posted it in the box on my Instagram story last night. The main reason I chose this stroller was because of its amazing adjustability. I purchased an attachment that works with our registered carseats so that when the twins are little baby infants I can keep them in their car seats and just click right in, then when they get bigger the seats adjust, along with the handlebar according to my height, backrests, and footrests. The stroller also has air-filled tires with all-terrain ability for a smooth ride and best of all, it was the cheapest of the top three I was considering! 

2.) DockATot Deluxe+ Docks - I was so super excited to receive my DockATots! Something about them is just so cute I can already imagine snuggling my babies up inside for cute pictures lol ;) The DockATot is advertised for safe co-sleeping (following their guidelines) but also for easier travel ability. I think my twins will love the breathable, cushioned, comfort, especially after being squished up next to each other for months in the womb. I'm also hoping they will enjoy the easier transition to tummy time being propped up a little bit by the DockATot. 

3.) The Ollie Swaddle - In conjunction with the DockATot, I've decided to use the Ollie Swaddle for safety. This swaddle feels "expensive" and comfy and I hope the babies love it. It has a nice stretchy material that is also moisture-wicking to avoid overheating (which is a must during the Vegas summers). The swaddle is easy and convenient to use with velcro across the body and an elastic to tie just below the babies feet, that also offers easy access for diaper changing!

4.) Babywise! - This book has been recommended to me SO MANY TIMES! Close friends, coworkers, as well as Instagram connections have all reached out to me with their high praise regarding this book and the pdf method for sleep training infants. 12 hours by 12 weeks sounds pretty good to me! Both myself and my husband read the book cover to cover and I think we will make better parents for it. 

5.) Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock - Hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon convinced me! This convenient hammock fits perfectly into your shopping cart for baby to fit snugly and germ-free along for the ride to the grocery store. I was sold when I heard that two can fit side by side without taking up the whole cart, twin win!

6.) Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras - I know not everyone needs a video baby monitor, but I think that as a first-time mom having one will help me sleep better at night! Maybe even cut down on checking in on them every fifteen minutes ;) This one is under $100 and still has a bunch of the high-tech features that some of the way more expensive brands had.

7.) ZippyJamz Sleeper Pajamas - After watching a particularly hilarious video on Facebook featuring a dad wrestling his two twins trying to change their diapers and clothes before bed, I was turned onto the idea of a convenient diaper access, quick zip, comfy jammy for those nights when I just can't anymore lol. 

8.) PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow - I am a total back sleeper, which has already woken me up in the night with some scary heart-racing episodes and kept me tossing and turning trying to get comfortable on my side. This pillow is a lifesaver (and it's the third one I've tried)! 

9.) The Twin Z Pillow - Game changer! I have been so incredibly worried about breastfeeding two babies at once I am trying to make this as easy as it possibly can be before the time comes. This pillow is going to help me loads when it comes to comfortable holding two babies at once in a position that also allows them to get a good latch. Whether I am sitting on the floor or on the couch or in my extra wide recliner, I think this will make all the difference! 

10.) Munch Mitt - This teething solution made sense to me, because it doubles as a sensory stimulating toy and a distraction from scratching or thumb sucking when babies hands are always up close to their mouth. Once again, not tried and tested, but I am thankful for the gift!

11.) Bumbo Floor Seat - I've been around babies in bumbos for a long time now and I always knew that I had to have one. They make not only working on sitting up, but introducing foods so easy and convenient and come with an attachment for a tray if you think you need it as well.

12.) Dry Baby Waterproof Bandanas - Babies drool a bunch and I personally don't love the fashion statement that bibs make, so that's why I registered for a bunch of bandana looking bibs, the Dry Baby brand is even waterproof, making my life that much easier :)

13.) Posh Play Mat - This surprisingly nice looking mat comes in many colors and is totally baby spill proof. Since we are moving into a new home next week it'll be nice to make sure things are kept clean on new carpet during feeding time or arts and crafts in the future, but I mainly like the idea of this play mat going outside with toys or bringing it to the park with me for picnics or whatever.

14.) Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets - I know I already listed the Ollie Swaddle, which is awesome, but I was schooled that these soft and breathable muslin blankets are the best for not only swaddling in the summertime, but burping, nursing cover ups, etc. and they are just too dang cute with soooo many different patterns and designs! 

15.) Lorena Canals Rug - This one is a splurge, but I worth it to me to have a high quality, good looking, MACHINE WASHABLE rug for the babies to play on. The entire brand is to die for, so go in with a plan or you may just end up spending all of your money ;)

16.) Last but certainly not least, the Joovy Playard and Joovy Twin Nursery Center! I really did beat myself up over researching this one. I wanted a solution for the babies to sleep in my room, but not in my bed for the first couple of months safely and conveniently. The twin nursery center divides the babies but they can still both fit in the same contraption. I've read multiple positive reviews and compared to Graco's version I believe this is the sturdier of the two. When the babies transition to cribs in their own room we can still use the Joovy for traveling or napping downstairs!