GUYS THIS POST IS LONG OVERDUE, but I hope it really helps out so many of you current and future mamas! I will include all of my favorite baby things, including the twin stuff, from strollers to pacifiers, but know that I think most of it is great for singletons as well! If you are struggling with what to register for, or not wanting to do any extensive research, I promise hours and hours of thought and experience have gone into compiling this list! Most items are available via Amazon and I do receive a very small commission if you order through the link I provide just FYI!

  1. Owlet Baby Monitor : Yes, this is pricey, but SO WORTH IT. This little gadget has kept me sane for the past few months and allowed me to get hours of consecutive sleep without jumping up to check for breathing every five minutes. It’s reliable and efficient. I have never had a false alarm. One time the red alert did go off in the middle of the night to alert me of a heart rate above 220 bpm, which we confirmed with our children’s heart doctor probably actually did happen, although ultrasounds and testing showed that it wasn’t cause for ongoing worry unless it happened again, which thankfully it did not! The Owlet allows me to see oxygen and heart rate in real time and continues to work even when the wifi goes out!

  2. Bumbleride Indie Twin: Again, TRUST ME I DID THE RESEARCH. Hours of it! Another pricey item, but all awesome strollers are pricey and I firmly believe that this one is the best bang for your buck! Both of my babies can sit side by side, so I don’t have to choose which one gets to be closer to me or higher up or whatever… and the stroller still fits through all standard doorways easily! I can jog with it, the car seats snap in super easily, and it’s just great.

  3. Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center: This playard attachment has been the perfect newborn sleep solution for us. There is a divider between two sturdy, spacious, raised halves of the pack and play, one for each baby, big enough to fit two dock-a-tots. The whole thing is portable and I liked the safety aspect of not allowing the babies to sleep right next to eachother, but still close. I keep them in my room in this thing at night, but when the time comes, I plan on moving it into the nursery for a week or so before putting them each into their own full-size cribs.

  4. Halo SleepSack Swaddle: I’ll be honest, I started out using the Ollie Swaddle as many of you know, and I loved it too. (for 10% off the Ollie use code: https://go.referralcandy.com/share/WBR6R9G) Super sturdy, I used it every single night for months and the fabric and velcro held up beautifully. It got me through the newborn stage for sure! The Halo SleepSack I feel is a better transition product that I just recently started using. The fabric isn’t quite as thick or “tight”, it is easier to swaddle with one or both arms out when your babies are ready, the zipper allows for MUCH easier diaper changes, and best of all it is more AFFORDABLE! Not to mention, they sell a purely sleep sack product for when babies don’t need the swaddle restriction at all anymore but still have a safe wearable blanket on.

  5. Dockatot: While we are talking about sleep stuff, which is arguably the MOST important stuff… I have had my babies each sleeping in their own dockatots since birth and have no regrets at all about it. My favorite thing ever is that I was able to bring the docks on multiple vacations already and they traveled well allowing my boys to feel familiarity at nighttime in a new place, whether that was on the ottoman at the beach villas, or even the floor in our St. George room. For $10 off every dock use this link: http://dockatot.refr.cc/V37KFXZ

  6. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine: Ok fine, more sleep stuff. When I finally learned how to properly use a sound machine, it worked wonders putting my babies to sleep and keeping them asleep! This one can be controlled from my phone in the other room, which is in my opinion a MUST, so that I don’t disturb the babies by going in and out all night and it has set programs and timers, oh and different sounds and night light/ time to rise combinations too :)

  7. BOTTLES: In all honesty I pretty much exclusively breastfeed my babies, but never in public, so bottles only come into play on vacations and when my mom is babysitting, basically. These ones from Philips Avent worked really well for the first two months, and then we switched to these Comotomo ones on reccomendation, because they are supposedly a lot more “real nipple” like and I LOVE how easy they are to clean. I’ll also plug in here that my boys absolutely hated Dr. Brown’s bottles for whatever reason.

  8. MAM pacifiers: My babies tried many different kinds of pacifiers, including Wubbanubbs and Soothies, and these were by far the best. They stay in their mouth so well! Which is all that really matters to me, unless you want to be playing the paci-pop game all day and all night! They even have glow in the dark ones which were a game changer for nighttime.

  9. Evenflo Bouncer: If you follow me on instagram @heymace then you know I use these on the daily! I plop the babies right in and move them all around the living room, kitchen, and even outside in the shade too and they are just as content as can be awake or asleep! I get by with one swing, but having two of these is essential.

  10. Babysense Video Monitor: There are fancier monitors out there, yes, but this one has never given me any problems. It has a two-camera option and switches between up to four video screens, you can talk through it like a walkie talkie, it tells me the temperature in the room, and yea, it’s good. GREAT for the price. And let me just say that it doesn’t have an iphone app compatibility, but even if it did I would never use it because after bedtime is my time for instagram and mindless phone scrolling! I need a totally separate device dedicated to baby stuff.

  11. Maxi-Cosi Car Seat: It’s safe. It’s sexy. It clicks into my stroller.

  12. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets: For the first couple of weeks my babies didn’t wear any clothes, literally were just always burritoed up in these things. Now, I have them in every room of the house to act as blankets, swaddles, burp clothes, whatever. MUST HAVE. Especially next to your bed and in the diaper bag. I have like thirty.

  13. Diaper Caddy: I have three. One in the living room, my room, and the nursery. All stocked with diapers, wipes, ointments, toys, pacifiers, burp cloths, nasal aspirators, etc. Gotta keep all that shiz organized yo.

  14. Twin Z Pillow: If you want to tandem breastfeed, you need this. If you want to tandem bottle feed, you need this. If you want to tandem nap, you need this. You need this.

  15. Pregnancy Pillow: I tried three and this one was my fave. So much that I still sleep with it every night postpartum. Also it can circle around me and act as a tandem nursing pillow at nighttime, or I can make it a prop for just single nursing, or I can turn it into a bumper when the babies are on my bed, or I can make it into a U-shape and they have propped up tummy time on it. Jack of All Pillows.