BYO(S)B: Build Your Own Soda Bar

I've been wanting to recreate my own non-alcoholic type drink bar for sooo long, when Ben's thirtieth birthday rolled around I knew it was the perfect opportunity! The soda bar was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it and it served as a great way to kind of break the ice and double as a refreshment and activity at the same time! I will definitely consider having one at every party from here on out! 

Here are the essentials and the extra touches that pulled it all together!

  • Mexican Coke (the kind that comes in glass bottles with real cane sugar): The glass bottles were aesthetically pleasing and brought that authentic factor to the table for sure. Plus, who doesn't love Coca-Cola?!
  • a variety of other canned or bottled sodas: I don't include 2 liters, because they are messy and cheaper-looking in my humble opinion lol. We just got a pack each of 7-up, Dr.Pepper, Mtn Dew, and Diet Coke... if I were to do it again I would add Root Beer.
  • Flavor Syrups! These make the soda bar. I decided on vanilla, coconut, lime, and grenadine for a well-rounded group. I was able to purchase mine from Restaurant Depot, but they also sell them on Amazon! Our huge party didn't even go through half of the syrup, but they last forever so you can use and reuse them whenever you have a shin dig! Definitely worth the investment. 
  • Cream: Yes, good old half and half. If you aren't a Swig-lover from Utah you may have never tried this trendy mixed drink, but you should! Add a shot to your soda drink and taste the creamy delicious transformation. 
  • Menu: I made up a menu with fun drink ideas catered to Ben's birthday, like "Bajama Benny", which is 7-up with coconut and lime, or the "Dirty Thirty" Cherry Coke with cream. This way, anyone who was hesitant about what they wanted could try a new pre-tested mixture and just have fun with it! 
  • Straws and extras: Cute color-coordinated straws add an extra touch, especially when you want to make the step up from red Solo cups to Mason jars. As do little bowls of limes, lemons, or maraschino cherries :)