Top Outfit Picks from The Twins:Happily Ever After

So Haley and I were getting a lot of comments and messages about outfits we wore during our season of The Twins: Happily Ever After? In all honesty I can't even begin to remember all the outfits we wore because it was SO MANY, but I have our top picks right here for ya ;) ENJOY!

This is the perfect V-Neck tee for summer! I bought this top in every color it came in! It fits so well and was perfect for filming because we are not allowed to wear any tops with logos on them!

So there is this amazing online store who styled Haley and I and they are called Scarlet Clothing! This online store is TO DIE FOR! One of my favorite outfits this season was the rose romper I wore during our improve class!

This next top is an off the shoulder flower top that I am totally obsessed with and its from this other cute online store called Stevie Sister! Off the shoulder tops are my absolute favorite tops right now! I literally feel like I wear them everyday. They make me feel so girly! Off the shoulder tops are for sure a MUST HAVE this summer.

Next I chose Haley's white lace dress she wore on the Red Carpet for The Beauty and The Beast Premier! She looked amazing, and not to mention...this dress is SO AFFORDABLE! It is a Lulu's dress! Lulu's never lets me down when i'm looking for an affordable dress for an event!

I also chose my Maroon dress from The Beauty and The Beast Red Carpet event. It is a stunning maxi dress that comes in so many different colors now and is super affordable, also from lulu's!

Next are a pair of jeans Haley and I wore almost like everyday in every color that nordstrom sells them in! They are TopShop jeans from Nordstrom and they are topshops Jamie's Jeans! They are high waisted and fit like a glove! They are so slimming and so perfect. Haley and I can't state enough how much we love our Jamie jeans! 

I have a pair of booties from one of my favorite shoe brands right now and you can buy them at! The brand is called Raye. The booties below are so comfortable and so cute! They come in Tan, Black and Grey! I literally own every color and wore them almost everyday during filming. They are almost all sold out on the Revolve website but if you search the brand Raye I reccomend any bootie made by them because they are all so cute and so comfortable. They last forever to, they are a bit pricey, but like I said you will get great use out of them. They are worth every penny. 

The next thing I want to share is for girls who are auditioning for NFL/NBA/NHL teams or ever college dance teams! This website could even be useful for anyone who might need dance costumes for solo's etc. Ever since we started auditioning for professional dance teams, we always used Dallaswear uniforms. Their dance uniforms are to die for!