5 Springtime Activities for your Simple Pleasure

We are THRILLED that it is finally sunny and warm here in Las Vegas! If you aren't from here, you may think it's always hot and desert-like, but you would be surprised how freezing it can feel in the dry-cold with the Vegas wind sometimes! I always get a bit of S.A.D during the winter so once the temperature gets back above 70 degrees I feel like I'm coming out of an emotional hibernation and love to fully embrace feeling good! Here's how I make the most of my springtime:

  1. Sunbathe! There is no better season to establish a natural base tan for the summer obv. I try to spend at least twenty minutes outside whenever I can and on my days off, sometimes longer. I use the classic Banana Boat tanning oil when I'm laying out in the sun, but I also love Maui Babe Browning Lotion to add to the glow!
  2. Buy some fresh flowers! Whether you plant them in your yard, put them in a pot on your front doorstep, or place them in a vase on the countertop, having beautiful fresh flowers around is sure to brighten your day and bring the season into your home.
  3. Light a candle! You may associate candles with Christmastime and winter, but some of my favorite scents are catered to Spring! Japanese Cherry Blossom has always been a favorite of Emily's, but we also crave Limoncello and Peach Bellini!
  4. CLEAN. There is a reason why "spring cleaning" has been around for so long. It's critical to set aside at least one period of time per year to declutter and detox! There is no better time than coming out of the holidays to open up your windows, let the fresh air in, toss the clutter out, and clean EVERYTHING. You will feel 100% better after, I promise.
  5. Lighten up your look. This month is all about bringing back the bright colors and rocking a fresh face. Invest a little bit in a new energizing face wash and a new lip color! (Some of our faves are below). Now is the time to get those roots touched up and unpack the open toed shoes as well :)