The Fergie Five

Us Fergie twins want to be more involved with our fans! We are so grateful for you and blessed to have the best fans like EVER! So we came up with a fun little idea where we will answer five questions that fans send to us via twitter! Let the fun begin...<3 

1. Would we go to Carly and Evan's Wedding?  @alexafallon1 

100% yes! We love Carly and Evan. Their relationship is so cute and so admirable. They are for sure a couple we look up to and it's a wedding we would love to attend...that's if we get an invite ;) 

2. Have you and your sister ever dated twins? And would you?  @ClarissaOutlaw

We have never ever dated twins! We haven't met too many sets of twins actually. And we would never date twins because that just sounds super weird! Could you imagine if we actually married another set of twins? It would just be sooooo weird. We are also attracted to two different types of guys! THANK GOODNESS. 

3. What would be your idea of a perfect first date? @jenny_Arianator

We both agree that our idea of a perfect first date would be ice cream! 

4. How do you have a hot bawd & love pizza? I have the pizza part down but not the hot bawd part. @bigpapa_al

Not sure is this if a legit question or someone just trying to be funny...but this made us laugh! Hmmm...we have always had a really bad diet. And honestly we must have good genes because we have never had an issue with weight. We recently started working out and obviously working out helps! ;) we are trying hard to change our diet and include healthy eating habits into our daily lives.  

5. How often are Emily and I together? @cjgrozier

Emily and I usually spend most of our days together. We run all errands together like grocery shopping, mall, spray tans, hair appointments. The only time we really aren't together is when we go our separate ways to hang with our significant others on certain days of the week!

We will be doing this once a month where we answer 5 fan questions! If it goes well we will do more! So make sure to send your questions either here to the blog or send them to our Twitter accounts (@efergie13 & @hfergie11).