Get naturally PLUMP lips

I love sharing this item with my friends so I am excited to share this item with you! I seriously feel like I have found the secret to getting naturally plump lips and it is so easy! 

I have been using this lip plumper thingy ma-bob for 1 year now and I swear by it! 

I use this bad boy before I apply my lipliner and lipstick. It makes your lips plump so when I am putting on my liner I can "over draw" my lips. The plumper only lasts about 1 hour but since I apply the lip liner right after using this thing it helps me "over draw" my lips like I said so my lips actually look bigger all day long! 

Hope you love this product as much as I do! 

ps: don't use this product too much because it has bruised some people's lips. It has personally never bruised mine, but everyone is different! XOXO