Being Pretty Awesome

I am not exactly sure where I want to go with this blog post or if this will even make sense but I am going to go ahead and try anyways. One day while scrolling through Pinterest I came across this quote that really resonated with me:

"We get so worried about being "pretty" ...

let's be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong."

It took some time for me to comprehend why this quote really stuck with me...I still don't have a complete answer, but I do know that in this world with social media and cyber bullying it's almost impossible to feel good about ourselves when people we don't even know share their opinions about people they have never met. Celebrities are held to such high standards that we think we need to look just like them to be considered beautiful. We all think we need to photoshop our photos to be "thin" enough or "pretty" enough for people we might not even know. (I am totally guilty...I edit almost every picture I ever post on Instagram.)

Growing up, my sister Emily and I were not the prettiest girls in the world or at least we thought so at the time. I'm not trying to go all mean girl on you here...but I have finally reached a point where I am confident in myself, I still have my insecurities of course, but for the most part I have learned to love my flaws and embrace them. In all honesty, growing up I was jealous of so many other girls because of their natural beauty and found myself obsessing over them because I wanted to look just like them. I wanted longer hair, bigger boobs, bigger butt, smaller nose...the list goes on. In high school my sister and I had really bad "chestne" and "backne" (not sure if those are words) but I was always really insecure about that and thought I constantly had to cover it up. At the time I had no idea how to do my makeup or how to do my hair or how I could be just as pretty as all the other girls I envied. My clothes were never cute enough. Middle school and High school is such a tough place for most teens. Girls are mean...the world can sometimes be cruel. Looking back, I wish I could just go back and tell my high school self that it gets so much better and you will learn to love every flaw. You have no idea who you are, who you want to be in high school we think we know but we honestly have no idea. Although I am only 24 I am finally finding my way.   

Was I cute in high school...yes I was! But at the time I didn't know it. It took me two years after high school to become my own version of what I consider beautiful and to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. After years of practice and learning how to perfectly curl my hair the way I like it, and finally taking the time to watch tons and tons of YouTube videos to learn how to do my make-up and find what looks best on me, I learned that I don't need to look exactly like every other girl I envied, I just had to be happy with my own beauty and try for no one else but myself. Not saying you need make-up to be beautiful. To this day I still wish I could go out in public without any make-up and not feel insecure or be criticized about it on social media. Truth be told I am afraid of what people might think of me without make-up on, to this day. I'm not perfect. But I am a much more confident girl. In this world people judge you on your looks, especially in the industries I have worked in it's hard to be comfortable in your own skin. But the most important thing in my opinion is to just beautiful on the inside and it will show on the outside. I hope that every single woman in this world can some day feel beautiful because we are all beautiful in our own ways and you will find someone who loves all of your flaws.