Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After Episode 4/Couples Therapy

What an emotional episode! This is the first time you will have ever seen Haley and I fight! We were not getting along that day, which really doesn't happen often. Let me get into more details about that day:

So... couples therapy was actually amazing! Haley and I were the only single ones and we got to talk to the handsome Dr. Mike about why we think we are still single. Haley has a lot of deeply rooted emotions that make it hard for her to trust people, which you all got to see! I found out my issue was that I never fully commit. I keep one foot in and one foot out instead of being all in. Relationships are so hard! I will admit that therapy wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It actually made me feel amazing afterwards. Anyone struggling in a relationship or anyone who is single and wants help, I truly recommend considering therapy! Now...the high ropes course!


Soooo....Haley and I usually do make a great team. But when it came to this high ropes course where we both were afraid of heights, we couldn't really support each other or have each other's backs, because we were both terrified. This high ropes course might not look so hard, but it was SO HARD. I think if Haley and I had strong, manly partners to help us through the course like Lace and Lauren did, then we would have made it. But Haley and I are kinda scrawny and wimpy so we couldn't hold each other up! I know I am making excuses at this point...but seriously trust me when I say this high ropes course was terrifying and much taller than it seems on TV. 

Side note: (I was on an intense antibiotic that was making me really sick and I didn't know it yet, so I blame the antibiotics for not letting my body physically finish the ropes course;) this will be another story I can share with you all later!) 

Anyways, Haley and I needed to be rescued from the ropes course and I think we were both disappointed in ourselves for being such cry babies about being scared of heights. I am honestly proud we even made it up the rock climbing part of the course! I hope you all enjoyed the madness! Stay tuned for more episodes on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After to see more of Haley and I!