A Blog Post All About My Eyeliner

So...I have received enough emails that I have decided to simply write a quick blog post on my eyeliner. I am officially a winged liner pro...it's the only way I will apply my liner. Now ladies...it took me years to master this cat eye look and if you look at past posts I talk about my eyeliner. I have used the same eye liner since high school it is my holy grail it is my baby and I will never ever use a different eye liner...let me rephrase that eye liner(s) I use two different liners to achieve my perfect cat eye. Since I do struggle without messing up my liquid liner I start with my Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso it helps me create a straight line so I can apply the liquid right on top of it. I also use this Unstoppable Eyeliner on my waterline. Now for my liquid liner...I use the Almay Liquid Liner in black.