Emily's Health Scare & Lessons Learned

Hello my blondesense followers! I've been wanting to share with you all a recent experience that I went through about my health! As I had been telling some of my friends and family members about my experience they too had experienced the same some of the same things and I wish I would have know because I could have reached out to them and I would have had an answer to all my health problems sooner. 

Hopefully no guys are reading this, because its all about female problems! And this post is almost embarrassing for me to talk about, but I think a lot of you know how I am. I keep it real and I think this post can possibly be helpful to other women! 

It all started when I was at the gynecologist getting treated for a yeast infection, something that is fairly common amongst us women. My doctor also tested me for bacterial vaginosis and I actually came back positive for that too. So, I started antibiotics immediately. In an annual check up you usually get tested for all STD'S and all results for those came back negative. I finished all my antibiotics to only find myself back at the gynecologist a few weeks later with the same issue! Another bacterial and yeast infection. I learned that some women have a hard time fighting off bacterial infections at first. So, I went on another round of antibiotics. Well...after finishing the antibiotics I seem to be healthy again.

Well...just a few days later I had an outbreak of two big blisters....yes two big blisters "down there" I panicked and made another appointment to go see my gynecologist. So...turns out I have a staph infection... yes and staph infection "down there" ummmm WTF!!!! How does that even happen?! Well... apparently it happened because I used a dull razor to shave and the staph infection got into some open wounds and created blisters. It was awful! These blisters were painful and huge! I thought my life was over. I was put on yet another anti-biotic to clear the staph infection. The antibiotics were working and my blisters were healing quickly! But I started to get very weird symptoms. I felt very blah. I couldn't get out of bed, I was exhausted 24-7, I was emotional and crying, I felt real depression. I was telling my mom and sister that something just didn't feel right. There was something wrong with me other than this staph infection! No one believed me. I cried and cried day after day and finally my mom called and made an appointment for me to go see an infectious disease doctor because I KNEW something wasn't right with my body.

I went through tons of blood work and all my results came back negative. I asked if I could be allergic to the antibiotics I was on and they said I have no allergic reaction symptoms so...no. The doctor kept telling me that I'm healthy as can be and I need to stay on the anti-biotic for the staph infection...DO NOT STOP taking your antibiotics or your staph infection will not go away and get into your blood stream. So I did what the doctor said. Well, two more days go by and I still feel like crap! And now my neck is sore and my lymph nodes are swollen and I can't move my head or really even talk! That night I start to run a fever! I knew something was wrong and no one believed me. My temperature was at 103 degrees and I told my sister that I think I need to go the emergency room. So...she rushed me to the ER and I go through more blood work, a urine test and then get on an IV. We wait for two hours and my blood work comes back...NOTHING IS WRONG!

The doctor says YOU ARE HEALTHY. I asked her again if I could possibly be allergic to the antibioticsfor the Staph Infection. She said again that that was unlikely. She said keep taking the full course of your antibiotics, because you want the staph infection to go away. So...I keep taking the antibiotics. Two more days go by and nothing has changed. I'm crying, feeling depressed and helpless. No one believes me and they think I'm some crazy girl self-diagnosing herself on Google.

WELL...I have my mom so worked up and stressed out that we go back to the infectious disease doctor and finally she says "Stop taking the antibiotics for the staph infection...You are allergic to the sulfur in it which is very common." Well...that was my problem all along. The medication I was prescribed was called sulfamethoxazole also known as bactrim. As soon as the antibiotic was out of my system I was myself again. My lymph nodes when down, my skin rash went away and I finally felt happy again! I mean the sad part was I only has one day left of the antibiotics so I technically took the whole course and my blisters were all gone so the doctor told me it was ok to stop the medication anyway by then.

Long story short... I am allergic to sulfur. The medication I was prescribed was called sulfamethoxazole also known as Bactrim. Although feeling depressed and confused for weeks on end was terrible, I did take a valuable lesson from this trial (other than learning not to go straight to the ER, because it is very, very expensive). I learned to trust my own intuition when I know that something isn't right. Yes, it is true that I oftentimes overreact to physical problems that I might have, but in this case I knew I was right and it just took a very long time to feel validated! I also learned that while it is dangerous to "self-diagnose" on Google, it can also be very helpful and beneficial to doctors who may not know your complete history or list of symptoms in a short appointment time. Trust your gut! That's all I'm saying.