Bachelor In Paradise:Week 4 Outfit Details


Unfortunately this was a very tough week for you all know we are VERY close to Amanda and we also became very close to Josh while filming Bachelor In Paradise. Josh was always very kind to us and always treated our best friend with respect and was very sweet to her. Throughout the whole process everyone kept bringing up this whole book that Andi had written and not knowing what was said about Josh in this book it was hard to listen to all the warnings everyone kept telling to not only Amanda but to Emily and I since we were very close to her. While filming for the show you are pretty much on lock down, you cannot have your phones, no television, no music and no contact with your family. Emotions are constantly running high. When our very good friend Nick brought the book to our attention we felt the right thing to do was to tell Amanda how we felt about it probably wasn't the best timing on our behalf but all we knew was that we wanted our friend Amanda to be careful. Even though we had no reason not to trust Josh's intentions...after hearing some things we knew as her friends we needed to tell her what everyone else kept saying to us about Josh. Emily and I support Amanda 100% in no way shape or form did we want to hurt her or Josh, we just wanted to look out for someone who means so much to us. Why we left...Emily and I never intended on being a two for one deal, but it worked in our favor! It allowed us to stay as long as we did. Emily and I were super hopeful coming into this process that we would meet someone amazing, unfortunately we didn't find "the one" but we met some AMAZING people and made lifelong friendships. We felt like we were getting a free pass through paradise, so it felt unfair of us to stay another week. I hope all of you can understand why we could not pass out our roses...and even though Daniel may not be the hugest fans of us I hope he knows how much we love him. His personality is amazing and bizarre all at the same time, if you needed a good laugh all you had to do was go to Daniel. He's an amazing man...and we hope he finds his special someone very soon. Cheers to such an amazing journey and all the amazing people we met! And shout out to the amazing Nick Viall who pushed us to be more open to the process and helped us through the emotional roller coaster and who still continues to be an amazing example and support system outside of the show.❤️🌹

Emily's Outfit Details

Rose Ceremony Dress: For Love and Lemons (thank you Amanda for letting me borrow this amazing 2 piece) Buy Here

Heels: Steve Madden Buy Here

Swimsuit: Victorias Secret-- Sold out but check out Luli Fama for amazing swim suits<3 Shop Here

Romper: Stevie Sister Buy Here

Earrings: Ettika Buy Here

Haley's Outfit Details

Rose Ceremony Dress: Lovers + Friends from Revolve

Heels: Windsor Buy Here

Swimsuit: Luli Fama Buy Here

Swimsuit 2: Beach Bunny Buy Here