Bachelor In Paradise Week 3


Crying, crying...oh and more crying! This rose ceremony was hard for Haley and I because we didn't have any connections with any of the guys and we FOR SURE thought we were going home. Thank goodness Haley took one for the twin team and saved us both and gave us another week in Paradise! Haley and I really wanted to meet the next group of guys who would be walking in so we were for sure lucky we managed to stay another week in Mexico! Obviously this week I had a double date with Carl and it went great! The party boat was actually kind of fun and we had a blast dancing and having a good time. It wasn't too romantic, which was good for me, because romance freaks me out! I was happy with the group date because it helped me loosen up and not be so nervous. Haley had a date with Ryan who was really cool and sweet. Haley went horse back riding and something they didn't show was her horse trying to buck her off! Her horse was super feisty (just like her ;p) she was super nervous to finish the trail on that horse but she was brave and went ahead and finished the ride to the waterfall...on the way back she got a better horse!

Dunes 728x90

Outfit Details below<3

Emily's Outfit Details:

Rose Ceremony dress: NBD Revolve Buy Here

Earrings: Ettika Buy Here Use Code FERGIETWINS for 25% off your entire purchase

Heels: Steve Madden from LULU'S Buy Here

Date Card Outfit:

Kimono: Hot Pink Hanger by my girl Jen Saviano Buy Here

Swim Suit: Luli Fama Buy Here

Shorts: Down-Right-Denim Buy Here

Choker: Roy Ashton Buy Here

Party Boat Date Outfit: (yes I repeated this outfit...forgive me)

Swim Suit: Sauvage Swimwear Buy Here

Camo Top: Buy Here

Shorts: One TeaSpoon from Revolve Buy Here

Choker: Roy Ashton Buy Here

Sandals: Tory Burch Buy Here

Dunes 728x90

Haley's outfit Details

Rose Ceremony Dress: Revolve The Jetset Diaries Buy Here

Earrings: Ettika Buy Here Use Code FERGIETWINS for 25% off your entire purchase

One Piece: Blue Life from Bikini Dot Com On Sale Here

Shorts: Joe's Jeans from Revolve

Shoes: Converse Buy Here

Choker: Roy Ashton Buy Here

Banana One Piece: Wild Fox Couture On Sale at Revolve