Bachelor In Paradise Week 2

Hello everyone, thank you so much for tuning into blondesense! We are so excited to be back with our weekly outfit details from each episode! There is so much going on during this season that all the days flow together, so we sometimes forget what we were wearing that week,  we should have taken the time to write each outfit down in our journals so we could keep's almost impossible to remember what we were wearing, so we will now be posting all outfit details on Wednesday (sorry we are so late this week)! We have been out of town with NO service! But we hope to keep you all updated so we can make sure we get everything perfect for our followers who are interested!

So here we are going into our second rose ceremony...we just pulled the good ole' twin switch-a-roo on poor Brandon, he was such a good sport and yes we did end up telling him that we pranked him! He was awesome about it all and did not get upset that we did that...he actually thought it was hilarious and couldn't believe he didn't see it coming. It was all out of good fun...we did not trick Brandon to be immature/rude girls. It's reality TV and we wanted to have some fun with it. What's the point of being an identical twin if you can't take advantage of the perks of being one!? It did not show on TV but the reason Brandon decided to pick me (Haley) over Carly was because we both didn't drink alcohol.

Brandon has been 7 months sober and he is such an awesome role model, I was excited to get to know him more because he was very interesting. There is really no reason why I choose to not drink alcohol in particular, it's just a personal choice I have made and I am happy with my choice I don't think I am missing out on much to be honest! With that being said, I thought that Brandon and I would be a good match because I would be able to be a positive influence on him. Now...I want everyone to know I did not take the twin thing too seriously, I knew that he had only known us for a couple of hours before our date so I knew the chances of him being able to tell my sister and I apart were going to be slim to none. That is not the reason I didn't give him my rose. I did not give Brandon my rose, because I did not feel a connection with him. He was very sweet and kind to me and made me feel really good about myself, but I knew ultimately that our lives were way too different and that in the long run we would not be good together. I knew I had to pick Nick. Why did I know??? Well, because I love Nick with all of my heart and I know that he deserves to find that special someone and needed to stay in Paradise plus I am pretty sure we all would have missed watching him workout on the beach every morning! Nick was also someone in the house that I could turn to for support, there's no way Emily and I could have made it out of Paradise sane without Nick <3

After the rose ceremony the next day Caila Quinn showed up...we were all VERY shocked to see Caila since she made it clear to everyone that she would not be coming on Bachelor In Paradise. I think even some of the guys were very shocked to see her as well. Unfortunately, Jared was hoping Caila would should up because that was the one girl he was very interested in getting to my sister Emily was obviously very upset about the whole situation, but her and Caila did talk it out and she eventually was fine with it! That's what Paradise is all about anyways right!? Someone new always comes in and could possibly ruin some of the previous relationships that have been formed and you really just have to deal with the cards that have been dealt to you at that point.

Enough of that let's get to this weeks outfit details, hope you enjoy and thank you all so much for the constant love and support you give my sister and I, we love you all and hope we can someday meet you!

Emily's Outfit Details

Rose Ceremony 2 Dress: Lovers + Friends from Revolve

Heels: Steve Madden Wedges (on sale now!)

Bikini: Sauvage Swimwear Buy Here

Shorts: One Teaspoon Buy Here

Choker: Ettika  Buy Here use code FERGIETWINS for 25% off everything

Camo top: Tilly's Buy Here (I wore this shirt way too many times but like it's so cute)