BIP - Week 1


Obviously this week has been full of drama! This also was a hard week, because Haley and I didn't get date cards. So, the struggle for a connection has been real! Besides all that, I am sure you all are wondering what we do on the island all day and it is actually quite simple. We wake up... eat breakfast... go swimming in the pool... walk down the steps... go swimming in the ocean... walk up the steps and go eat lunch... go swimming in the pool again... maybe walk down the steps and go swim in the ocean... then lay out on the day beds... then go shower and clean up... then eat dinner... and finally hang out and talk until about 2 or 3am! We also get date cards or new arrivals every day, so that is always something to look forward to. Our days and nights are very long and go by pretty slow. We stay up late and wake up early and the days kind of start running into each other. A couple days could easily feel like a week when you are dating someone in Paradise!

The first week was especially hard for me (Emily). As you all have probably seen, my best friend Jubilee went on a date with Jared and I also (unexpectedly) had feelings for Jared. He was someone I wanted to get to know more and I was excited about him. I could have ignored my feelings for Jared and not caused any issues in my friendship with Jubilee but I also knew that Jubilee and I were so close that if I just told her how I was feeling she would understand. Of course it was going to hurt, but I wanted to handle this situation as "MATURELY" as possible instead of going behind her back and lying about it. My conversation with Jubilee went well and so did my conversation with Jared. Thank heaven! I am excited for you all of to watch the rest of this season unfold. YES...Haley and I are a two-for-one rose this season! This is not something we wanted the whole season, but we are grateful for it because it now gives us the opportunity to both stay and find LOVE<3 Outfit details below!


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