Bachelor in Paradise Arrival


WOW...Playa Escondida is beautiful... the perfect place to fall in love! What a way to start off Bachelor in Paradise! This episode was full of DRAMA. Yes, already. Since the spot light of this episode was all on Chad, Haley and I did not get a ton of air time. So, instead of too many juicy details for you this week,  I just want to take a moment to explain why Haley and I decided to come back onto a TV show for the second time in the search for love! Don't worry.. there's some Chad chat too ;) Haley and I honestly have had no luck with dating guys in Las Vegas. I am sure there are some good ones out here in Vegas, we just don't know where! Our experience on The Bachelor was so amazing for us, getting out of Vegas and seeing what the world has to offer. We made great friendships and it also taught us so much about ourselves! I also think it helped us mature and grow up a little bit. After realizing how great The Bachelor was for us and our growth as individuals we had a gut feeling that Bachelor in Paradise was meant for us to continue that journey of growth and independence. So, Haley and I wanted to take this risk and put ourselves out there... yet AGAIN. We are so extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet these amazing guys, make new friends, and we hope you enjoy watching our journey <3

Now....I know you all want to know about "THE CHAD." Here is the inside scoop on Chad...HE'S CRAZY! Just as crazy as you've seen on Jojo's season of the Bachelorette. Chad really knows how to put on a show for all of us and the cameras. He also tends to get very violent when he drinks in general. Haley and I both agree that off camera Chad seems surprisingly very normal, which is interesting. Obviously, there are some personal issues Chad has to work on and he is not ready to find love whatsoever whether on TV or not. We wish Chad nothing but the best in life and wanted to give him a chance to prove himself better in Paradise, but it seems he blew his chance!

We want to give a shout out to the people who made us feel stunning going into Bachelor in Paradise! Haley and I put a lot of time preparing for this drama-filled vacation!

Hair: Mishele DiMaria IG: @misheledimariadesigns Follow Her Here

Eyelashes: Caryn IG: @essential_esthetics Follow Her Here

Spray Tan: Nikki Bee IG: @nikkibee_airbrushtanning Follow Her Here

Mani & Pedi: Polished IG: @polishednailslv Follow Them Here

Fitness: Life Time IG: @lifetimefitness Follow Them Here

Health: Dan Cox IG: @detoxteacaps & @danielgcox Follow Him Here (use code "twin20" for discount at (Buy Here)

Now for some FASHION! <3 Our outfit details from this episode are listed below!


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