Eyelash Extentions 101


Hello my beautiful friends! So...eyelash extensions are huge right now and I finally decided to join the bandwagon after a lot of time and consideration. I had heard so many great things about eyelash extensions... but also so many bad things! I naturally have good eyelashes (thankfully), but I wanted fuller, darker eyelashes and I did not want to keep applying mascara every day!  Anyways...obviously I ended up decided to get them and now have eyelash extensions and let me tell you... THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. I can't believe I waited as long as I did to get the extensions!

One thing that held me back for so long was that I had heard that they make your natural lashes shorter and/or fall out. So, if you decided that you hate your lash extensions it would then take forever for your natural ones to grow back long and full again. I do believe this to be partly true, but if you go to someone who cares about your eyelashes like my Lash Lady does then you will be perfectly fine. My eyelash lady, Caryn, is amazing. She makes sure my natural lashes remain healthy. She doesn't just lash me like crazy if she sees that my natural eye lashes won't be able to hold the extension. Long story short...Just make sure you go to someone who CARES about your well being and eyelashes ;) If you live in Vegas check out my girl Caryn at Flawless Silhouettes Wellness Spa on Maryland Pkwy. Let her know the Fergie Twins sent you <3 She will take care of you!

If you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions, or you recently received them, here are a few helpful tips to make your experience the best that it can be!

1.) Make sure to clean your eyelash extensions DAILY.

2.) Make sure to clean your lashes PROPERLY. (Your lash lady should know and carefully explain the procedure to you at your appointment.)

3.) Do not let your extensions grow out too much before getting a fill, that is when you will be more prone to picking at them and ultimately pulling out your natural lashes.

4.) If you have sensitive eyes or common allergic reactions, be sure to bring this to your lash lady's attention so that she can be aware and you can work together without danger.

5.) Do not go longer or thicker than advised! Your lashes may not be able to handle the weight and it will hurt you in the long run.

6.) Don't let any burning sensation or infection go uncared for. These can ruin your lash experience now and in the future if something is glued wrong or trapping bacteria!

7.) You can go swimming and/or get your lashes wet after 24-48 hours without them slipping off, just be careful not to rub your eyes to aggressively and twist them off. Always try to use gentle presses or swipes when forced to touch your eyes.