The Quick Trick to Amping Up your Average Lotion


Who doesn't want softer skin?! I am always trying to find new ways to keep my skin soft and smooth year round... from in-shower cocoa butter to aloe vera gel, I have found just one specific product that has made all of the difference. when it comes to baby-smooth skin. I love mixing baby oil with my lotions! It makes your standard bottle of body lotion last longer and glide on smoother. I use a lot of lotion and a lot of baby oil on the daily! I may go a little overboard at times, but I love that hydrated skin feeling! It's a must have...especially living in the Vegas desert, where it is very dry. My personal favorite is the Johnson's baby oil in shea & cocoa butter. It smells so amazing! I have tried the lavender as well as the original pink baby oil. But the shea & cocoa butter is by far my favorite <3

While we are at it, it's worth noting that coconut oil is an amazing and natural substitute for baby oil as well. While coconut oil may not have the same buttery cocoa scent, it is still great for your skin and you can even put this stuff on your face, lips or in your hair. The molecules are so microscopic that coconut oil glides on very thinly and won't clog up your pores. It's also no big deal if it is ingested, because adding coconut oil to your diet has many advantages as well! I spent a week in Park City working for a male model that swears by this stuff and apple cider vinegar. The only downside to using coconut oil in the wintertime particularly is that it solidifies, so adding it to your body lotion may get a little clumpy or messy. Baby oil always stays in a liquid form no matter the temperature.

You can also use baby oil or coconut oil for a quick shower-less shaving solution if you are in a hurry or rub it on while you are still wet from a shower or bath and it will soak into your skin just the same. It's a mild treatment for razor burn, a great prevention for stretch marks, an effective cuticle cream, and an even better massage oil after a long work day.

This is honestly the easiest how-to post ever! All you have to do is add a little bit of extra oil to your daily body moisturizer and you will feel the difference. Sweet, simple, and to the point! Hope you all notice a change in your skin as much as I did.

xoxo- emily