Fast Favs: May Must-Haves 


Welcome back to Blondesense, hope you all had a fabulous week! I'm here to help make this week even MORE fabulous...I am sharing my May Must-Haves today! Now that the weather is nice and warm and it's always sunny I would like to share with you some of my Spring/Summer essentials! Hope you all enjoy. Please share some of your favorites with us and they might show up on next months post! xoxo, Blondesense May Must Haves

  1. Sweet summertime...and the best thing about summer is getting cute new bikinis! My go-to bikinis right now are my Triangl ones! I love that they are SO colorful and I love the way they fit! They now offer a new size that's perfect for me... I wear a "Small Plus" in my top. It's meant to fit girls who are tiny but have a bigger cup size! It's always hard to find tops that fit around me that aren't too small on my boobs! So, I love the new size Triangl has to offer!

*Note: The pic of Mace below she is wearing a "knock-off" Triangl bikini! You would never know. If you are someone that is always looking for a great deal and doesn't mind going without the name brand tag, try shopping here.


2. My all time favorite beach sandals are Sanuk's. (Thanks to Mace!) They are super comfortable and so cute! They are affordable and easy to walk in while on the beach! My pairs last years!

3. Also, my go to make-up product during summer is my Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter! I LOVE to highlight my collarbones, my cheekbones, my arms, my legs...okay just about everything! I love this because it gives me that natural glow while at the pool or at the beach! It is absolutely beautiful and so natural looking.

4. I love the smell of coconut...especially during the summer! So my scent right now is Waikiki Beach Coconut from Bath & Body Works! It smells so good, I have the bath wash, lotion, spray, and candle!

5. Lastly, my hair always has to have a natural beachy wave to my go to curling iron is always and forever my Hot Tools 1 inch curling iron to help me achieve my beachy curls!