Nose strips, Charcoal, and your Pores

I have been using Biore stripes for the past six months... I use them once a week now. While I started out using the original deep cleansing strips, I've since switched over to the charcoal ones. Honestly, both are good! When I first started, I couldn't see a difference and I did not think they were working at all! So, I pretty much gave up on them fairly quickly. Then, I saw a friend of mine use them in a different way (I was clearly doing it wrong). So, I decided to go home and try this method...and it totally worked!  I'm very blessed to have small pores naturally, but these strips have succeeded at visibly shrinking them even more! They may work miracles for those of you with naturally bigger pores, but a small difference is better than nothing for me! That being said, I think it is important for you all to realize that pore size is genetically determined and it is not something that you can completely change. However, you can reduce the appearance of large pores, by firming up the elasticity of your skin and drawing out all impurities. That's what the Biore nose strips do for you.


I apply these strips now by washing my face right before application, followed by steaming my face with a warm washcloth (or stepping out of a hot shower). Warm water allows your pores to open up so that your skin can better absorb any astringent, moisturizer, whatever it is.

I then get my nose super wet and apply the strip, making sure to press out any air pockets.  After I have applied it to my nose, I then get the top of the strip wet again with the washcloth while it is still on my nose. This is the trick to making the most out of a single nose strip.

I keep my strip on for about 15-20 mins to dry thoroughly before I remove it. Making sure to remove it slowly, but firmly, you will actually see that it pulls out blackheads! After using my Biore strip I love to apply my GlamGlow Clearing Treatment on my nose to extract any other blackheads that need to go away! The combination of the two is fail-proof. I have never received a professional facial.

So, why charcoal?

Like I said, I think that all varieties of the nose strips do essentially the same thing, but the reason I am sold on the charcoal ones is that there is incredible, recent research coming out about activated charcoal and it's abilities.

Activated charcoal is very similar to your standard charcoal that has been around for years, which may come as a surprise to you when you think about ingesting it or smearing it all over your face! The difference is that activated charcoal is manufactured a bit differently while it is at a very high heat, allowing it to be more porous. These microscopic pores within the charcoal absorb and trap chemicals and impurities, detoxifying your skin.

Using activated charcoal in facial cleansers or masks, such as Biore or GlamGlow, adds to it's ability to pull blackheads or whiteheads up to and out of the surface of your skin. Activated charcoal may also be found in detoxifying drinks or capsules with the aim of absorbing toxins from your digestive tract as it moves down and out.

So, there you have it. The inside scoop on Biore nose strips, activated charcoal, and what these both mean in relation to "shrinking" your pores. Please comment below with any questions/reviews/concerns!

xo, Haley