Drugstore L'oreal Lumi Foundation Review 


I have always been so used to using my name brand foundations that I never really tried any drugstore foundations, until I heard about the L'oreal Lumi Foundation. This is actually the foundation that Mace currently uses after doing a ton of research on reviews and whatnot on drugstore makeup. She mixed Cool 3 with Natural 4 and can compare it with our Naked foundation that is 8x the price!It's more like your standard liquid foundations, but not as full coverage in my opinion. It does a great job covering up any blemishes, but it looks so much more natural than any other foundation I have ever used. It feels like I have nothing on my skin when I apply it and it lasts all day long without creasing! It looks so natural and so beautiful, I am hooked now! I use my beauty blender to apply this foundation instead of the pad that is provided. I think the pad would work just fine, I just prefer the way my damp beauty blender blends out the foundation better. It helps apply the foundation a little more even and gives more of a flawless look. This foundation is definitely more for people with dry skin because it does give more of a dewy (shiny) look. So, this is perfect for my skin, it may not work for women with oily skin, but hey, it's worth a shot since it is so affordable!