First Date Thoughts


Is it just me, or does going out to eat on a first date seem SUPER AWKWARD!? You don't even really know this person, so how can you both pick the right restaurant? What if you two don't click and it's hard to hold a conversation? What if something gets stuck in your teeth? What if you don't like your food? (Haley and I are incredibly picky eaters, which you may  know from the clip of me on The Bachelor explaining to Ben that I eat like a child, lol) Heaven forbid, What if he doesn't pick up the bill!? So many things can go wrong and you're stuck there for at least an hour! I've been on a few awkward dates where a guy will take me somewhere fancy and I can't pronounce let alone stomach anything on the menu or there are long, awkward silences. I also usually get so worked up when going on a first date I can't even eat in the first place.There are just too many unknowns. Dinner aside, you can't even talk or get to know someone when going to see a movie and the physical barriers or non-barriers are always so awkward. One of Mace's worst dates involves meeting at a movie theater for a mediocre film where they were the only two in the theater and this short guy was either trying to talk the whole time or getting touchy! Going to get drinks just seems sleazy (in my opinion), like he might be trying to get you to loosen up so he can take you home on the first date. Please, no! Getting buzzed is a great way to say "I'm easy" right off the bat. So guys...what is the best thing to do in my opinion you ask!?

I think the BEST first date idea would be plain and cream. Sounds silly, right? Well, if a guy you have a crush on asks you to go get ice cream with him it seems like the cutest idea ever to a girl! It's short and can talk and get to know each other... nothing can get stuck in your teeth... it's cheap... and who doesn't like ice cream!? It allows enough time for you to talk and maybe walk around to see if you are going to click without putting the pressure of a long or fancy sit-down dinner. If you don't click right away, you can both go your separate ways without any harm done or time wasted. If it does go well, think about your ice cream date like a tiny sampler tease. After a few days your date is sure to miss you and ask you out a second time for something with a little more depth.

I also have to mention the Baskin-Robbins Theory in this post: That boys are like the 31 flavors and you can't pick your favorite until you've tried them all! Vanilla tastes good... but if you never put yourself out there you could be missing out on Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip without even knowing it! We are dating advocates here at Blondesense. No one deserves to be stuck with an ice cream flavor forever that isn't their absolute favorite, right?!

Tell me about your best/worst first date! We would love to hear your story!

xo, Emily