The Bachelor: Women Tell All


Now that the season is coming to an end, this is the episode where all of the girls come back together to share their feelings about what they saw watching each episode every week and listening to what the girls had to say in their own, individual interviews. I would like to say that after my entire experience, I believe The Bachelor to be a very accurate reality television show. From what we saw in the house and what America saw on television, everything was portrayed surprisingly accurately!

Emily and I have a very difficult time confronting people, so going into Women Tell All we were obviously very nervous trying to figure out which angle some of the girls were going to take after watching each episode and now knowing the true feelings of the girls we had spent so much time with. Unfortunately, no apologies were made to Emily or me for any of the disrespectful comments or things said about us. Emily and I came onto the show to be honest with our feelings. We wanted to open ourselves up to the whole experience and be able to feel vulnerable and put ourselves out there in the best way we knew how. As you can see, Emily ended up basically being the hero of the show and saying all the things that everyone watching was thinking!

Emily and I can both agree that commenting on someone's physical appearance is not nice and that we could have handled some situations a little differently, but when someone is constantly making jabs at you... it becomes hard to keep your mouth shut at times (no pun intended)! Also, confronting people about the way they smell can always be a sensitive and touchy subject and there never seems to be a right way to handle that one. Emily had approached Olivia TWO times to tell her how she and some of the other girls in the house were feeling about some of her disrespectful actions and words and Olivia chose to ignore what she said, so it became very clear that she was not there to "make friends." I think it's safe to say that we can all paint our nails and read books and still be intelligent women simultaneously. Emily and I did not feel like we needed to reach out and apologize to Olivia for anything considering she could not apologize for her words or actions either.

The fact that Leah chimed in and said that we went behind Olivia's back during Women Tell All made absolutely no sense given that she went behind Lauren B's back and never even apologized until after the episode aired and all of America saw what truly happened!

Anyways, regardless of all the drama, Emily and I had an absolute BLAST being a part of The Bachelor: Season 20. We may not have found love, but we made some very amazing friendships that will last a lifetime and that's all that matters! This was such an incredible journey for Emily and I to grow as individuals and we have only grown closer from this amazing experience. We have our Bachelor Family to thank for that! Emily and I absolutely love all of our fans and all of the sweet people who reach out to us or say hi in public. Your kind words and gestures do not go unnoticed! We wish we could hug you all! Thanks for all of the love and support this season <3

Haley's WTA Outfit Details

Dress: Nasty Gal (Buy Here) This dress was loose on me... I got it in a XS and had it altered to fit me like a glove, thanks to Ana over at Maples Cleaners in Las Vegas ;)

Heels: Steve Madden (Buy Here)

Earrings: Kendra Scott (Buy Here)

Ring: Kendra Scott (Buy Here)

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Emily's WTA Outfit Details Dress: Sherri Hill (Buy Here) Thank you  Simply Dresses for this beautiful dress!

Shoes: Anne Michelle (Buy Steve Madden Version Here)

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