300 Full-Body Workout


This workout consists of 300 reps that will cause you to burn at least 300 calories and it can be performed in just about 30 minutes! The rumor is that a variation of this workout is what the cast of the movie 300 would do in order to get in shape for filming. I love it for a few different reasons. This is a workout that feels CrossFit-like, without getting too technical. It incorporates some lifting with cardio and HIIT, so I never get bored. There are endless ways to push yourself within the workout; go faster, time yourself, up your weights, move from knee push-ups to clap push-ups, do pull-ups without any assistance, etc. It's a growing process every time I do it. I recommend once a week logging the details of this workout, so that you can push yourself to improve the following week! Start with a 5 minute treadmill warm-up

25 pull-ups (I do assisted pull-ups on the machine with a 40 lb assist right now, I can only do a few all on my own, but hey, goals!)

50 dead lifts (I start with just the bar and 10's on each side, so 65 lbs)

50 push-ups

50 box/bench jumps

50 leg lifts (That ab machine with the semi-ball you rest your back on and hang from, or you can do floor-sweepers.)

25 dumbbell clean and press on each side (pictured to the right)

25 pull-ups...yes again

Use up any remaining energy if you have it back on the treadmill. I try to run .5 miles to start and 1.5 miles to end, so 2 miles total.

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