The Bachelor Episode 7-Heartbreak Warsaw


I finally got a one on one date! I was not expecting it at all, so I was very emotional and so, sooo excited!!! My date card said: "Home is where the heart is." So, my first guess was that I was going to meet his parents and I could not believe it! I was also so excited to finally be in some cold weather! Living in Vegas it does get pretty cold, but i have never really seen different colored leaves and the different seasons! Indianapolis, Warsaw is honestly the most beautiful little place I have seen! I grew up in The City, so being able to see the small town that Ben grew up in was so cute and almost made me wish I had grown up in a small town as well! Everyone knows everyone and everyone is so close and kind!

Anyways...everyone knows this was my last week on The Bachelor! I was eliminated after meeting Ben's parents and although it was very hard to be rejected, I could not be more blessed and joyful for this experience. I grew up so much and learned A LOT about myself! I learned to be without Haley and I know while I was gone that Haley learned a lot too. Being without each other for a long period of time was healthy for us! Again, I enjoyed every second of this experience and MOST of the women I met;) I am grateful to know that men like Ben do exist and I have a new found hope that true love is out there waiting for me. I am being patient and waiting for mister right! Thanks for all my followers and I appreciate your LOVE and SUPPORT. You mean more to me than you will ever know<3 xoxo Emily. Outfit details below. 

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One on One Date Details

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