Our Blondesense Love Story

Since all of you know by now that this whole blondesense thing kind of comes as a package deal with the three musketeers, we thought that it would only make sense for you to know the connection between us three and understand our "sisterhood" a little better! While many have asked over the years if Mace is our sister or somehow related to us that is not the case, but emotionally we can consider ourselves that close a lot of the time! Yes, it's true... we have been friends since SECOND GRADE! I knew from day one I wanted to be friends with the cutest girl in my class (aka Mace). Every school year, my mom always told Emily and I we had to make a new friend, so once I saw Mace I knew I had to ask her to be my friend. Being the shy girl that I am, I was very nervous, but one day I walked up to Mace in the library and just said, "Do you want to be my friend?" Being the sweet girl that she is, of course she said yes! I oddly just walked away right after that and was scared to talk to her again for a couple days! Who knew that this friendship would last all these years after such simple beginnings? FullSizeRender(5).jpg

Throughout the years we have had our very silly and short arguments, but in the end nothing could come between us. When I became friends with Mace, I did not want to share her! (Silly... I know.) I made Emily get her own friends and as you can see, that did NOT work out very well. I remember the first time ever having a "play date" that Mace invited me to actually being awkward, because my mom had to call Mace's and tell her I was a twin and make sure Emily could come too! Poor Emily, we actually picked on her quite a bit and have some old school video to prove it! Looking back on that now, I can't believe how long it took for me to accept the trio > duo. The three of us together balance each other out perfectly now! Emily is the wild, outgoing one that provides most of the entertainment, while I can say I'm quieter and a bit more serious-minded ;) Mace has always been the voice of reason for the both of us whenever we are freaking out over anything! 

Cheering on our high school team only brought us closer together, spending hours and hours together during practices, we became inseparable. We supported each other through everything and we even all got our first boyfriends who happened to also be friends that were a year above us at the same time! We've literally been friends through every major life twist and turn. Being the only three sophomores on the Varsity cheer team and joining Student Council all at once just so we could see each other more often during our time at school...us three were basically #squadGoals. Even when Mace moved away for college and got married and everything we are still closer than ever. This blog has been a great opportunity for us to get together often and have fun while we "work" and we thank all of our readers for that opportunity!

xo Haley