Super Seven Supplement Stack


Alright everyone, I'm going to share with you today my "supplement stack" or better phrased, the handful of different pills that I take on the daily. I have done a ton, really a ton, of research on different kinds of vitamins, medications, diet pills, fat-burners, etc. and I thought it'd be worthwhile for you all to see the list that I've come up with as essential to overall health and wellness for twenty-something women like all of us. I have two pill boxes, one at home and one in my purse, to help me remember to take my pills every day. I recommend this to anyone that has trouble making habits like me. I also recommend taking your vitamins with a meal if you want to avoid an upset stomach, I take mine with a protein shake or a Quest bar to start each day off feeling "perfect so far". 

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Here they are, in no specific order:

  • Prenatals cover a wide range of essential daily vitamins just like your typical multivitamin would, which is why I list this one as first and most important. It fills in all the gaps and deficiencies in your diet. The difference is that some people swear by prenatals when it comes to hair growth and there is additional folic acid, iron, and calcium in a prenatal vitamin. If you are trying to get pregnant like I am, it's important to start taking prenatals well before you conceive. The folic acid has been proven to prevent spinal and brain abnormalities in babies and iron helps aid healthy development in the first trimester when you may not even know yet if you are pregnant! If you can only manage to pop one pill a day, make it a prenatal.
  • DetoxTeaCaps - Some of you may be familiar with the name Dan Cox, from Bachelor in Paradise 2 and Season 9 of The Bachelorette. Check out his instragram and new website DetoxTeaCaps for a miracle supplement we love that can help you drop weight in days! Two burn capsules and two cleanse capsules daily really clean you out and help you kick start a healthier way of life. Use the code "twin20" for a discount at checkout! 
  • Probiotic - In a conversation about weight fluctuation and diet, one of my coworkers mentioned that she hates more than anything that uncomfortable, bloated/full feeling. She said she feels good when she feels "empty" (not to be confused with hungry, this girl meets her macros daily) and that ever since she started taking probiotics she has felt that way even with a high-protein diet. The good bacteria in probiotic supplements helps food move through your gut and strengthens a weak digestive system.
  •  B Complex - Vitamin B Complex supplements contain Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 12. Working together, their main purpose is to ease the conversion from food to energy in your body's cells and boost metabolism. Separately, these vitamins do everything from preventing canker sores to reducing anxiety to relieving PMS symptoms.
  • Cranberry - If any of you have ever experienced a full-blown UTI, I bet that you would be willing to do just about anything to prevent ever having another. I had five in 2014. Besides having an ovarian cyst burst, I have to admit that the most pain I have ever been in were the times I spent kind of paralyzed waiting for my pain prescriptions to kick in after peeing straight blood at a doctor's office. (I know, TMI.) If you can catch a UTI early enough, this will not be you, but if you never want to get one in the first place, cranberry pills. I take one baby cranberry pill a day and I haven't had an infection in the two years since!
  • Fish Oil - The majority of Americans are highly deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is why a fish oil supplement is critical. lists ten benefits from fish oil for avoiding the following diseases: ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, Alzheimer's, cancer, depression, diabetes, eye disorders, cardiovascular disease, and immune compromise. This kind won't give you that nasty aftertaste either.