Foodie Friday: Lazy Girl Valentine's Treat


This quick and easy dessert has gotten more praise and attention than some I've spent hours laboring in the kitchen to make! It's a variation of your standard Pinterest find for chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies, but simplified even more and prettier for the holiday <3 You start out by making your Rice Krispies treats according to the directions on their website, or the box. If you're too lazy to even do this, they sell sheet-sized Rice Krispies treats at the grocery store, but they never taste as good. I save time and steps by skipping the saucepan/stove top part and throwing these ingredients straight into the microwave:

  • 3 tablespoons butter (or more, I like mine extra butter-y)
  • 1 package mini-marshmallows

After melting and stirring those two together then I add:

I skip the pan and pour the mixture right onto a large cutting board, smashing it flat as I go. Then you can use a cookie cutter to shape the Rice Krispies Treats or you can cut them into squared if you'd like. I did a heart for Valentine's day! Lastly, I threw all my heart-shaped treats in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up while I started melting the chocolate to dip them in.

Most recipes or tutorials will call for a double boiler at this point and some kind of fancy burn-able chocolate, but I actually use the Candiquik Vanilla Baking Bar. It's microwaveable and even comes in the tray that you microwave it in, so easy! I just added a few drops of red food dye, stirred it up, and it was ready in less than a minute.

Some of the heart-shapes I dipped diagonally for just a corner, some others I dipped an entire side in the chocolate, I can't decide which I prefer yet... I saved some white and melted it in a Ziplock to drizzle over the pink at the end, it's fun to get creative with the edible decorations like chocolate, sprinkles, and frosting!

After I dipped all the treats, I put them back in the freezer to continue hardening up just for looks, they tasted great gooey and fresh too :)

Hope you guys have been enjoying these recipes! Let me know if you have any requests for the future - xo blondesense