My Top 4 Favorite Places to Shop Online


Welcome back to Blondesense702! Today I am going to share with you four of my favorite places to shop online! Since there usually is at least one package delivered to my house every day, I like to believe I am qualified enough to be talking about this stuff! ;p Here it is: Revolve

My Number one place to online shop currently is… Revolve, you get free shipping both ways! If you don’t like what you ordered they already have a prepaid shipping label on your receipt and they also provide you with a bag to ship it back in! They ship super fast too. I usually get my order within 2 business days! Easy peasy! Now, this store is a little pricey, but their clothing is high quality and totally worth it!


Who doesn’t like this store!? Need some denim? This is the place to search! They have every brand from Flying Monkey to Miss Me. This is my number one place to shop at for jewelry as well! Half of my earrings are from Buckle. This place is pricey too (in my opinion) and their shipping is not free. Even when I do try to return stuff back to the store I always get a hard time about it (they work off commission). So, if you have a store near you I suggest going there and trying everything on before hand instead of online shopping!

Go West with Buckle - Shop Western Looks for Women Today!


Need a nice dress for a good price? This is the place to shop! They offer free shipping and free returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase! They also ship pretty fast, so I never have to pay extra for expedited shipping! They also have great clothes, but as of yet I shop here only for their dresses!

Cute dresses from LuLu*s!!!


Last but not least, I love this store! They have the cutest bohemian, rocker, surfer, etc. clothing ever! They usually have coupons and offer free shipping and free returns! It’s super easy to go online and get a prepaid shipping label that you print right at home if you need to! I buy a lot of my swimsuits & tops at this store!


xo blondesense