The Bachelor Episode 6-The Bahamas


I have SO much to say, but I have no clue where to begin! Obviously, last episode everyone who watched saw how emotional I was... I have had a lot of "hate mail" on social media for that, but also positive feed back from viewers too. I did stand up for myself and for all of the girls in the house who were feeling manipulated and targeted by Olivia. I admit now that I don't think Olivia meant to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings, but please understand that you as viewers also do not see everything that goes on in the house! I had confronted Olivia two different times about her behavior and she blatantly ignored me both times, so that is why she gets under my skin so much! I am not ashamed of these emotions and I am still proud of my actions even after watching last week's episode.

For those of you who really know me, you can attest to the fact that I don't usually stand up for myself...I find confrontation very uncomfortable and I would rather let someone treat me badly than stand up for myself in most cases. During this process of being on the show, I wanted to grow as an individual and learn to confront situations. I took a stand for myself and did what I felt was right and I felt relieved after telling Ben my true emotions. My tears were not fake and when Olivia came to interrupt Ben and I's conversation at the rose ceremony I didn't want any more confrontation with her, so I got up quickly and left. Some people may have taken that the wrong way, but that is how I deal with things. So there is that.

Now as you can see after this week's episode, I was put on yet another two on one date. I think I have broken Bachelor records!!!! I have been on two two on one  dates and I came back from both of them with validation that my relationship with Ben was moving along in the right direction. Slowly, but surely! You would be surprised at how little time we actually are able to spend with Ben during the weeks of filming.

The Bahamas was such a dramatic week for everyone involved. This whole process was a huge emotional roller coaster and our hormones were all over the place the entire time! Anyhow, I was blessed with the opportunity to continue on this journey with Ben and all of the girls after this episode and excited for you all to see where my relationship with Ben goes from here on out. Stay tuned! <3 Outfit details from this week are posted below:

PS-Please ignore my messy hair... Not only was it humid, but we were literally stuck in the middle of a hurricane! Also, shout out to my sister Haley for always supporting me and letting me call her during my journey on The Bachelor! She's so amazing and her advice helped me get through each week.

Emily's Two on One Outfit:

Swim Top: buy here

High-waisted shorts: Kendal & Kylie (sold out for now, similar ones buy here)

Kimono: Bought this at the airport! (Browse similars here)

Sandals: Tory Burch buy here

Cute dresses from LuLu*s!!!

Emily's Rose Ceremony Outfit:

Dress: lulu's buy here

Heels:Steve Madden buy here

*** A lot of you have been asking where Haley and I get our earrings and jewelry, we love Buckle for this kind of stuff! Also, you've seen us wearing Kendra Scott a lot, which we've linked in past posts. Hope that helps! :)