The Bachelor Episode 5


Guys, this was my first time ever being out of the country! This week was a very exciting week for me, but I was really missing Haley! I was wishing so badly that Haley would have been able to be there with me to experience international travel, but I gained so many memories and exciting things to tell her about, which was still very special. I also bought little souvenirs to bring back to her. She might not have been there in person, but she was on my mind and in my heart the entire time <3 Emily calls Haley whipclip Mexico City was so much fun! The group date I got to go on was literally so exciting. Trying to learn Spanish was very hard, but I tried my best! Like Ben said, he was mostly looking for effort anyway, right?

After the Spanish lesson, we paired up and had to cook! I was so bad at speaking Spanish and I am also not good at cooking. After hearing about my non-vegetable diet early on in the season, this should not surprise any of you... I will leave the Spanish up to Mace's fluent husband Ben, and the cooking up to Mace ;) Check out our Foodie Friday posts

Whipclip from Episode 5 Anyways...obviously the rose ceremony was very dramatic. Always is. Mexico City in general was a pretty dramatic week though, because everyone's feelings for Ben are growing stronger and stronger! You can see the tension develop not only between the individual girls and Ben, but among all the girls in general as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this week and stay tuned for next weeks shenanigans<3 I want to thank all our followers for being so amazing and making blogging so much fun! We had 11,000+ views in one day last week and Haley, Mace, and I were all thrilled! Don't forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Twitter and all of that. We try to publish material that we think you will all love regardless of whether it's Bachelor related or not! @blondesense702 We feel so loved by you all.

OUTFIT details from this weeks episode are below =)

Emily's Outfit Details: (PS: Most of these outfits were ones that Haley left behind for me when she was sent home/I snagged for myself when emotionally packing her bags...  So thanks sis for keeping me all cute and fashionable!)

Group Date-


Romper: ASTR buy here

Booties: Steve Madden buy here

Necklace: Free People buy here


Dress: Windsor (Sold out, similar buy here)

Heels: Windsor buy here

Earrings: Buckle buy here

Rose Ceremony-

Dress: Dillards buy here

Heels: Jessica Simpson buy here

Earrings: Francesca's (sold out, similar buy here)