Hubby's 4 Rules to Weight Loss


If you guys have read my post on New Year's Resolutions, you'll know that this year I set a pretty specific fitness goal. I wanted to get my overall body fat percentage under 20% and be able to keep it there. In 2015, I was able to get my body fat down to around 20% from 26%. I hit 19-something for one week only, but life is all about constant improvement, so that's where this year's goal came from! In order to meet my new goal I actually implemented a few dieting "rules" that I stole from my husband after seeing how incredibly well they have worked for him. I like to think of them as transformation tips rather than rules, but whatever works for you! Here they are:

  1. Start every day off with a large glass of water. If Ben and I can't convince you that this is important, maybe Khloe Kardashian can. Or Bustle. Drink your water even before your pre-workout or coffee or whatever.
  2. No white flour. Low-carb diets are proven to deliver results quickly, but carbohydrates are necessary for energy and/or the faintest glimmer of happiness, so rather than completely eliminating carbs and living hangry, I am cutting out just the worst ones. White bread, flour tortillas, that kind of thing.
  3. No dessert. Most of my preferred desserts already got cut after rule #2, but this rule includes ice cream, oreos, soda, candy, all of that. I am a true sugar addict, so this is the hardest rule by far for me to keep. I will admit I am not perfect. What I have noticed though, is that the longer I go without eating bad sugar the better fruit, or pre-workout, or protein shakes, or aminos taste, the less headaches I get, and the more stable my energy levels become throughout the day.
  4. Stop eating after 8 pm. I think of it this way: Anything that I eat after 8 pm (or near whatever bedtime I have that night) can't be used for energy, because I am not working out or running errands or doing anything like that this late in the day. I'm usually just chilling out on the couch or in front of my computer. So, since my late-night snacking isn't burned off in the form of energy, I imagine it converts directly into fat overnight while I'm laying in bed. No thanks.

There you have it! I will have to post more of my specific results later for you guys, since I'm still in the process of just starting to follow these rules. I encourage anyone and everyone to join me in my fitness journey this year!