The Bachelor: Episode 3


This group date was by far the most fun of the whole season! Meeting Kelley O'hara and Alex Morgan was absolutely amazing! They were so much fun and super competitive too! When Emily and I got put on different teams, we were sooo ready to compete against each other. When my team (red stripes) found out that Emily was the goalie on the Stars team, I told them that this was going to be way too easy for us! I didn't expect my sister to be a good goalie at all... Little did we know how much of a BA Emily actually was! After every block she was getting not only was I impressed, but so was everyone else, including O'hara and Morgan! We went into overtime and she was STILL killing it. Every time we thought the game would be over, Emily would make another block and all the producers would fall to the ground, because they just could not believe how amazing Emily was at playing soccer! Not only could she block, but she could punt the ball pretty well too! I even had to go over there myself to tell her how impressed I was with her (my team wasn't too happy about that)! The real MVP of the game was my sister! She broke her thumb and didn't even get to continue on to the cocktail party! She was super tough though and didn't even realize her thumb was broken in the heat of the moment!

Hope you all enjoyed this date as much as we did!

Here are the outfit details for this week:

xo, The Fergie Twins

Haley's Group Date Outfit

Workout Leggings: Onzie Here

Open Back Tank: Onzie Here

Sports Bra: LuluLemon Here

Shoes: Light Blue Nikes Here

Haley's Cocktail Party Outfit

Dark Green Lace Dress: Bebe (sold out) similar On Sale Here

Heels: Windsor: Nude Starlet Gem Heels

Haley's Rose Ceremony Outfit

Dress: Bebe (Sold Out) Similar on Windsor Here

Heels: Steve Madden Sold  Here

Lip Stick: Kat Von D Outlaw Sold Here

Emily's Group Date Outfit

work out leggings: Work out leggings

Tank top: Windsor Tank Top

Sports Bra: Lulu Lemon Sports Bra

Shoes:Nike Shoes

Emily's Rose Ceremony Outfit 

Dress: sold out - similar dresses at windsor

Heels: Steve Madden Heels

Earrings: Express Earrings