#Bachelor Party Details


We have always loved throwing parties over here at the Haycock house! Even back when we were in, like, middle school and we had our first boy/girl and pool parties all together :). Twins did work for their premiere and we had a full house, it was so much fun! Please excuse my druggy eyes, I made it back in town from Utah just in time for the premiere party this year...yikes! Thought we would share a few special touches that made our party all the better (and can make yours, no matter what the theme, better too.) Bachelor viewing parties are a blast as an excuse for a girls night by the way! 1.) Sweets on sweets! You cannot cannot cannot throw a party without plenty of food for your guests, We had veggie trays, cheese and fruit platters, a chocolate fountain spread,  soda, and chips along with a yummy custom-made tres leches cake that a couple close friends brought over, Starbucks, and a bundt cake too!



2.) Signage. Little signs, pictures, banners, etc. can go a long way when it comes to party-hosting. Taking a couple extra minutes to place things around your house like our #teamfergie sign below is super festive. We also spread rose petals all around the house and placed red rose bouquets around the place, going with the Rose ceremony theme. Consistency! Stick with one or two items and one or two colors, don't get too crazy!



3.) Lastly, balloons. Balloons are an incredibly easy and cheap way to say "party". You don't even need helium-filled balloons to create fun arches and balloon bouquets most of the time!