10 Shameless Selfie Tips

In this day and age, taking a great selfie of yourself to post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is just as important, if not more important for your general popularity and self-esteem than actually presenting yourself in the flesh! Social life has shifted into the digital world. By the year 2016, we should have all come to terms with that one by now. Our first impressions now made to the world generally consist of what can be found online. The lucky thing is that you are now in perfect control of manipulating what people think of you based on what you post! What an opportunity so commonly taken for granted... However shallow it might seem, these tips and tricks will improve your selfie game and make people think better of you.

  1. Always face towards the light source if there is one!
  2. Hold your phone above your eye level and tilt your face upwards to eliminate shadow.
  3. Take selfies on snapchat and then save to your phone to post, for some reason they are always softer/better.
  4. Push your head slightly forward to eliminate loose skin in your neck, thin out your face, and avoid the double chin effect. Neck pull is the more common modeling term for this concept.
  5. Never take a selfie without color on your lips. Even a little chapstick can go a long way.
  6. Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a further face-slimming effect. The increasingly popular "slightly parted lips/fish face" look can be mastered using this technique.
  7. One selfie is never enough, take a ton from slightly different angles and pick the best one to post, no shame!
  8. Keep your face relaxed, but open your eyes wide. The trick is to completely open up your eyes without causing your forehead to wrinkle. Try closing your eyes and snapping the pic as soon as you open them back up in bright light.
  9. The brighter the light is that your looking towards, the smaller your pupils are, the bluer (or greener or hazeler or whatever) your eyes look.
  10. Look slightly above the camera or at the camera, never at yourself in the screen. That's creepy!

Lastly, there are plenty of apps available for download to your phone with photo-editing capabilities, filters, etc. I don't recommend overusing these programs, because the last thing you want is people gossiping about how you've edited your face to look skinnier, removed moles, changed your nose, or whatever. People notice changes like this and love to criticize you for it behind your back! That being said, there is a free app called Perfect 365 with these capabilities. I suggest that if you have to edit your picture, you should use this one. At most, you might whiten your teeth a little, hide a blemish or two, or blur out any dark under eye circles. The first natural/pure filter is the most heavily edited full-face filter I think you can get away with without too many people noticing. You want your photos to look and feel like the real you!