Perfect Nails that Won't Break the Bank


So I'm going to let you all in on my secret for cheap, flawless nails that LAST! I've always had trouble keeping gel or polish on my nails for longer than a couple of days without it chipping or peeling and acrylics tear up my nail bed way too much. I was skeptical at first, but after some time I have been 100% converted to... Press-on nails from the drugstore! I know it sounds crazy, but these babies have come a long way since we were all little girls. There is an amazing variety of colors, shapes, and designs and every package comes with two full sets in case any pop off or don't fit quite right. I have received more compliments on my pressed/glue-on nails than when I actually go to the salon for a manicure! They look completely real when applied correctly.

The trick to putting these kinds of nails on is to use more nail glue than you think you should. The more glue you use, the less risk there is for bubbles that will not only look bad, but cause your nails to lift off from the bed. As you are pressing the nail onto your natural bed, try for even pressure applied downwards into your cuticles. Hold for ten seconds. I can usually keep my full set on for about two weeks before it starts to look grown out. If any individual nails are damaged or torn off in the meantime I use a replacement nail from the box, quick and easy fix!

You can get press-on nails from your local grocery store or drugstore, but for a better variety I try Sally's Beauty Supply or online.