Episode 1: Twins Take BACHELOR NATION!


I hope you all enjoyed the first episode! The first night is nothing but a blur for Haley and I by now, but finally seeing ourselves on TV has brought back so many memories!  Stepping out of that limo was hands down the scariest moment of our lives. We are excited for you to watch our story to finding love unfold on air. Ben is seriously so much hotter in real life by the way ;)Now…the question you all are wondering is probably “why would twin sisters go on a TV show to date the same guy?” Well, here is your best answer straight from the source: Haley and I have had the hardest time dating men in Las Vegas. The guys here do not take relationships seriously and going out to party, drink and/or gamble plays a huge role in a lot of peoples lives here in Vegas. Haley and I do work in a nightclub but that doesn’t mean we choose to live the "party life" in our personal lives, it is simply a means to make great money while we are young. In fact, Haley and I enjoy being at home with our five dachshunds and watching Netflix or going out to movies with our friends over going out to the clubs. We enjoy doing NORMAL things. We are NORMAL people and still are. As sisters who support each other, we made an agreement that we both should go on the Bachelor to get the opportunity to meet a man who is not from Vegas and is more mature. We wanted to be introduced to the type of guy who is ready to be married and start a family. Going on the show together gave us an opportunity to continue to support one another and make lots of joint memories as well. When we heard the bachelor was going to be BEN HIGGINS we were thrilled and could not turn down an amazing opportunity for one of us to fall in love with the man who has EVERYTHING. We agreed prior to filming the show that we would let Ben decide who he was more compatible with and avoid fighting with each other as much as possible. So there ya go…that’s your answer. We don’t find dating the same man abnormally weird given the circumstance, because hey, not only was he dating twins, he’s been dating twenty plus other women too! It’s a unique process to begin with! Now, lets ponder this America… Which twin will win Ben's heart?? <3

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Emily’s dress: Rachel Allan

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Haley’s dress: Faviana