Bohemian Photo Shoot Slideshow


Emily & I have always had this punk rock type of style for as long as I can remember (we always wanted to be like Avril Lavigne), so we really wanted to switch it up and feel girly in a flower bohemian photo shoot! A good friend of ours JT Collect (check him out in Instagram @jtcollect) took us out to the Las Vegas Wetlands to shoot. There were some really cool spots out there where he captured some awesome shots! There was an area where there was a contained fire & a section of the trees were burned and ashen, so we took photos next to the blackened trees, lots of beautiful nature shots that are really artsy & unique! I loved this photo shoot so much! Emily & I had a blast doing it together! A huge part of this photo shoot was our wardrobe. I knew I wanted something super bohemian, which I wouldn’t typically wear. Emily and I really stepped out of our comfort zone with these dresses but we ended up falling in love with them!

Our dresses are from Free People! We also bought the slips to wear underneath the dress from Free People as well! As you know Free People is a bit pricey, but their clothing is great material & can last a lifetime if you take good care of your clothes! I always get compliments when I wear this brand.

We had our flower crowns made the day of the shoot, so the fresh flowers would last all day; we had them made at Tiger Lily in Downtown Summerlin. Although, they didn’t turn out exactly how we would have liked, they ended up looking great in our photos. I would add a few more vibrant colors in the flower crown next time for  more dimension, and I would have also liked a few bigger flowers for extra drama and flare!

We also added some flash tattoos to our arms and hands to make the shoot a little more fun! Flash tattoos are really trendy right now, so we all throw a few on whenever we can.

Our jewelry is from Buckle, Urban Outfitters & Alex & Ani.

Emily and I  decided to go barefooted for this shoot to add more of a bohemian, and natural earthy look!

We hope you love these photos as much as Emily and I do! We posted a long slideshow on YouTube of photos to help give you all an idea of our look, the location, and our go-to poses during shoots. Love you all; don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel Blondesense702 :)

Dress here:  Free People

Slip Here:  Seamless Mini

Necklace:  Buckle Tiered

Urban Outfitters Necklace Sold Out, Similar here: Layering Necklaces

Bracelets Here: Alex and Ani