HTOD: Hair Tip of the Day (Dry Shampoo)

First off, I hope everyone’s weekend has been great! I am excited to share with you another hair secret to keeping healthy hair! Ok…. so not to gross anyone out or anything, but I try to go at least three to four days without washing my hair! Oddly enough, grease is actually good for your hair, especially when it is on the thinner side like mine. I know it is kind of hard to grasp, not washing your hair everyday, but I swear by it! My hair is so much healthier since I stopped washing it everyday. Of course wash your body every day, but throw on a shower cap and you are good to go! Washing your hair everyday will dry it out and increase breakage! So try going a few days without washing it. Although it is hard at first, you and your hair will eventually get used to the new routine and you will love the long-term results... IMG_5210

So, when I need to go out in public and my hair is a greasy mess, I use my favorite dry shampoo called Osis Refresh Dust! It is the best dry shampoo I have tried and it smells better than any other dry shampoo too. I also love this dry shampoo because it is powdery and it makes my hair look blonder! We all know blonde roots look greasier way faster than brunettes, lucky them. Be careful when using this product, because a little goes a long way! It sprays out fast and can be overwhelming if you spray too much or too close to your scalp. Spray the product to the greasy areas (mostly the roots) and then grab a brush and brush the powdery dust through your hair after just a few seconds. That’s really all there is to it! Hope this works miracles for you like it does for me!

xo emily

Osis Refresh Dust Here


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