4 Product Combo for Perfect Winter Lips

Hey guys! You've all seen my YouTube video tutorial, Dark Winter Lips , and you know that my trick involves a lot of layering, so now I'm going to list the four products that I used to achieve the look in order below: 1.) Covergirl Lip Perfection Liner in color 220, Sophisticated I use a dulled pencil to fill in my entire lip as a base color over some light foundation or powder. I accentuate my cupid's bow with some harsh diagonals and an X drawn in the center of my top lip with this pencil. While the entire lip is drawn in, of course the outer lines are deepened significantly.

Sophisticated Lip Liner

2.) MAC Red Satin Lipstick This goes over the darker liner and I blend it with the body heat from my pinky finger to fill in my inner lip, any creases, and soften any harsh pencil lines. The color brightens up the base of a dark lip, but you can use a more nude, or darker brown lipstick to achieve multiple versions of the same winter look.

MAC Lipstick Satin Lipstick MAC Red

MAC Lipstick

3.) The secret weapon of this tutorial is Maybelline Elixir Lip Stain in Caviar Couture. It's highly pigmented and extremely long lasting, which is why you'll want to be careful to keep it inside the natural line of your lips. This formula is balm-infused, so you won't have to worry about it drying out or cracking your lips throughout the day. You can also get it at any drugstore for a great price and just a little goes a long way!

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Color Elixir Lip Color, Caviar Couture, 0.17 Fluid Ounce

Caviar Couture Elixir

4.) The theoretical icing on the cake of my lips is MAC Dazzleglass. All colors are great, I honestly have about four that are pretty interchangeable. I use this in the center of my lip only to create a highlight for natural sunlight or a camera flash to accentuate and create the illusion of a "poutier", fuller lip.

MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss, Phiff!

Dazzleglass in Phiff! Color

There you have it! Check out my video on YouTube to see how I layer these products to create a Santa-approved lip look.