Purple Shampoo for Bright, Non-Brassy, Blonde Hair!

HELLO MY FELLOW BLONDES! I am reviewing a blonde shampoo that I think every blonde should try. It doesn’t take a professional to know that being a blonde is not easy…and as all of us blondes know, bleach is very damaging to our hair. I think a great solution in between salon visits is using Shimmer Lights Blonde Shampoo. What I love about this shampoo is that it helps you to stay out of the hair salon longer and away from too frequent of bleach applications! I personally go three months without going to get my hair done because I try to keep my blonde hair as healthy as possible. Like I said…being a blonde is not easy. Being a blonde with naturally long hair is even harder. I also love this shampoo because it’s a great price! I bought my 31.5 FL. OZ bottle for only $20, but you can find it on Amazon for even cheaper sometimes. The investment goes a long way too, because I would never use this shampoo more often than once a week. When I start to feel my hair getting really dull I use my purple shampoo to help brighten up my blonde locks. The real reason I can't use the shampoo too often is because it can actually turn you hair purple! Purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange, so that's why this shampoo is the absolute best at canceling out that brassy, orange-blonde color we all despise.  

I truly believe this is one reason why I can keep my blonde hair healthier than most blondes, because I don’t need to go the salon every 3-4 weeks to touch up my bright blonde hair and I still feel confident in the meantime! Hope you lovely blondies enjoy this product as much as I do. Check out some of my other posts for more tips and tricks to keeping my blonde hair in tip-top shape!

Link to Shimmer Lights Shampoo Here